This is Kia’s all-electric super-SUV EV9

Kia is joining the category of luxurious seven-seater SUVs with the EV9, set to debut later this month. In the wake of the full release, the Korean carmaker shared the first model pictures and some info.

Though Kia already has a few battery-powered models, like the Niro EV and the Soul EV, the EV9 is only the second model carrying the EV name. Specific dimensions remain undisclosed, but the chunky profile of this big SUV pitches it against some serious competition like the Mercedes EQE SUV, the Tesla Model X, or the upcoming Lynk C08. As no other general carmaker has an SUV of this proportions in its line-up, it’s a unique proposition for Europe.

A G-Class from Seoul?

Yes, despite that American XXL size, the EV9 will be wooing customers all over the world. It does so primarily with a robust design close to the initial concept. The contours are not smooth but edgy and square, like a G-Class from Seoul.

Kia calls the design philosophy ‘bold for nature’. A so-called digital version has replaced the famous Tiger grille from the brand. Basically, the brand refers to the small LED cluster next to the headlamps.

The interior features a two-in-one screen with a 12,3-inch diameter that earmarks all the electric vehicles from the Hyundai group, incorporating both the instrument panel and the infotainment.

The steering wheel mimics the one of the EV6 but adds a bar with two additional buttons. As the smaller Niro debuted with sustainable interior materials and paints, these solutions are expected to have found their way to the EV9 as well.

Swiveling seats

Like certain minivans, the six-seater version has a swiveling second row so passengers can face each other for more natural social interaction. As the EV9 will also be available as a seven-seater, with a fixed second row seating three occupants, the pivoting seats will presumably be optional. The moveable seats can also face the street in a parking situation, facilitating entry and exit.

Built on a skateboard platform, the battery pack is evenly spread over the ample wheelbase and doesn’t compromise luggage space. With all the seats folded, there’s a neat, flat floor with plenty of stowage capacity. Kia says it has surveyed customers with families to provide as much space and comfort as possible.

More details about specification, trim, and pricing will be released upon the official reveal later this month. The only confirmed technical feature is that the EV9 sits on the same E-GMP platform as the EV6. Hyundai will bring a similar SUV under the moniker Ioniq 7.


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