MG Cyberster released ahead of Auto Shanghai reveal

Images and preliminary info of MG’s all-electric roadster have been released before its official debut at the Chinese motor show Auto Shanghai later this month. The body type of a roadster is historically rooted in the back-then British brand, but this new version is in every sense a modern take on that old formula.

Instead of a number, as usual in the MG line-up, the roadster will carry the moniker Cyberster. That was also the case with the radically styled study version from 2021 that preceded this production model (also unveiled at Auto Shanghai back then).

Rear and all-wheel drive

The pictures, leaked by the Chinese Ministry of Information and Technology (MIIT), show a sporty car that is easier on the eyes. With a length of 4,54 meters and a wheelbase of 2,69 meters, this is a rather big roadster, in contrast to the miniature racers upon which MG built a reputation back in its heydays.

At 1,33 meters, the height of the Cyberster remains low. However, with giant arrows functioning as indicators, the back end won’t fail to impress.

Those stretched proportions are a side-effect of the battery pack energizing this modern roadster, though MIIT hasn’t provided details on its capacity. However, the specifications of the electric motors suggest that the base version will have an output of 314 hp (231 kW), pursuing driving joy with rear-wheel drive.

An all-wheel-driven version is also on the agenda, which sacrifices some of the nimbleness (if that’s an applicable description for a battery-powered EV) for blistering acceleration. Boosting the rear electric motor to 340 hp (250 kW) and the added front motor (150 kW, transferred from the MG 4) should enable the soft top two-seater to hit 100 km/hour from a standstill in no more than three seconds.

And Europe?

Details about the interior, charging capacity, and battery size are expected to be released when Auto Shanghai opens its doors on the 18th of April. But, as all-electric roadsters remain an uncommon sight, the Cyberster will be joined by a rival on the fair trade floor.

Nissan is also bringing the Max-Out drop-top to Shanghai, which will make its public debut. But that car is a study so far, though it could be one of the fifteen BEVs the Japanese carmaker will market by 2030.

The Nissan Max-Out is the physical concept version of a virtual rendering from 2021 /Nissan

Though the European marketplace plays a quintessential role in MG’s international expansion strategy, it is unknown whether Cyberster will be offered there.

It would make perfect sense as the former British brand reaped great successes in its home country, and beyond, with roadsters like the MGB, Midget, Triumph, and MGF – an important although consistently lightweight legacy for the Cyberster to build upon.


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