Traffic fines go up 10% in the Netherlands

Traffic fines are going up by 10% in the Netherlands. The increase in penalties will probably go into effect on January 1. The Ministry of Justice and Security must contribute to covering the government deficit and thus does so by increasing traffic fines.

All departments, except Defense, must contribute to balancing the Dutch budget. For Justice and Security, this involves 190 million euros structurally. The department raises most of this by increasing fines.

Defecite in budget

According to the Dutch government’s Spring Memorandum, the ministry is also struggling with disappointing fine revenues due to the failure of route controls and road works. By intensifying checks in other places, this setback should be made up.

A fine for holding a smartphone while driving is now 380 euros in the Netherlands; going through a red light costs 280 euros. Being caught without a seat belt results in a fine of 160 euros. So that will soon be thus an additional 10% in the Netherlands.

Cell phone use penalized faster

Speaking of which, last year, the Dutch police handed out nearly 180 000 fines to people who used their cell phones in traffic. That’s an increase of almost 40 000 compared to 2021. The number of cyclists who used their phones and were fined increased by 16,3%.

According to the Dutch police, the increase is mainly due to the MONOcam, a camera that automatically fines drivers from an overpass if they use their cell phones.

Police not only check traffic users with the MONOcam. In addition, discreet coaches are also deployed. This allows officers to look inside cars more easily and into truck cabs.


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