Alpine showcases future electric hot-hatch with A290_β concept

French sportscar manufacturer Alpine is at the dawn of a new era, that of electric sportscars. The new A290_β concept foresees the future A290 electric hot-hatch, with some design fantasies, such as the three-seat configuration inside.

Whether we like it or not, Alpine is going full electric. That should be no surprise to anyone interested in the automotive sector, as the French sportscar manufacturer announced it a while back. There’s even a deadline: 2024. This new A290_β concept sets the tone for the future b-segment model.

B-segment hot-hatch

Don’t let the new concept’s name fool you, as the higher number doesn’t represent its place in the Alpine range. In the brand’s own words, the 2 stands for the B-segment, and the 90 stands for “the brand’s future Lifestyle Range”. Whatever that means. The French are quite frank: this concept car looks like the production model will.

Outside, therefore, we can see a few Alpine-specific cues draped over what looks like the Renault 5 E-Tech concept. That tells us that the production model should remain a three-door only. At the front, two additional headlamps are placed near the center as a nod to the A110. Besides the 20-inch, partially square, and center-lock alloy wheels, we see some vents behind the doors. At the back, an impressive spoiler steals the show, but we can also see a vertically mounted third brake light, just like on the Alpine Formula One car.

Alpine A290_β concept rear
“This concept car looks like the production model will”, confirms Alpine in a press release. /Renault Groupe

Full racecar mode inside

While the exterior design should remain similar in the production version, we’re not certain that the interior will be carried over. Simply put, the design team went full racecar mode, with a three-seat configuration and a center driving position. The bucket seats are in raw carbon, and they’re even equipped with Sabelt racing harnesses. The steering is also F1-inspired, with information displays on it and a quick release.

Alpine A290_β concept interior
Inside, Alpine takes advantage of the electric platform to fit a three-seat configuration. /Renault Groupe

CMF-EV platform

Like the exterior, the bases for this A290_β concept are on par with the future production model. Underneath is Renault’s CMF-EV platform (common module family), co-developed with Nissan. Therefore, this A290_β concept is front-wheel drive – a first for Alpine for a while – and should be powered by the Megane E-TECH’s 215 hp motor fed by a 60 kWh battery.

At the moment, Alpine keeps the technical specs behind closed doors, but we already know that the A290_β concept is equipped with an all-new multi-link rear axle, torque vectoring, and 4-piston Brembo brakes. And so should the production version.


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