e.Volution Space: the car that lasts for half a century

The University of Aachen has spawned a sustainable car meant to stick around for fifty years. The boxy SUV propagates flexibility and features not only swappable materials but also swappable drivelines. It’s survival of the fittest but on wheels – an answer to the uncertainties of today and the challenges of tomorrow.

The Space, a long and tall SUV, is the second car from e.Volution, which earlier presented a sustainable shuttle system. The new Space seats up to eight passengers in its extended version (there’s also a five-seater) and can be upgraded and remanufactured every five years. The entire lifecycle of the vehicle is projected at 50 years. That’s like having the original Range Rover still around, which was launched in 1970.

Growing with trends

The choice for an SUV isn’t a coincidence, as e.Volution took up the challenge to prove that these often contested multi-purpose vehicle types can also be circular. The press release claims this is the most sustainable vehicle in the world. The Space can grow along with trends.

As for the driveline, it features range extender technology to solve the current problem between range and carbon footprint at an affordable cost. An LPG-sourced two-cylinder combustion engine energizes a 40 kWh lithium-ion battery, providing a total range of 750 kilometers. e.Volution calls the range ‘infinite’, stating that the car can recuperate 600 kilometers of range in five minutes. It means that this is the time needed to refill the gas tank.

From combustion to fuel cell

However, the company claims that the battery pack, providing 150 kilometers, suffices for eight to nine out of ten journeys. The pack is already replaced after four years and continues a second life cycle of around twenty years as a stationary battery.

While an LPG driveline might not seem the wisest of choices for a car aiming far beyond the European ban on combustion engines in 2035, e.Volution answers that as well. Not only the interior and exterior elements can be renewed to keep the car modern, but the driveline can also also be swapped for a fuel cell system. Ready for whenever green hydrogen is abundantly available, according to the developers.

Jack of all trades

As a universal vehicle, the Space is an exercise in boosting interior room on a modest footprint, with a low center of gravity. The rear axle is steerable to help maneuverability, and it features all-wheel drive with a modular interior. From fleet vehicle to shuttle and holiday family car, this sustainable offroader aims to be a jack of all trades.

Crucial for a circular car is the flexibility of the interior design. On top of the dashboard sits an interior-wide display, replaceable in the Re-Assembly factory from e.Volution. The fabrics for the seats, made from natural fibers, and the upholstery can also be renewed – this is very much the philosophy Citroën presented with the concept car Olli.

e.Volve has also shared some specifications. The top speed is 160 km/hour, while braked towing capacity is 3,5 tons, and the payload is 650 kilograms. Functionality hasn’t been overlooked in the quest for circularity.


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