Meet the all-electric Nissan Navara: Ebro

It’s been two years since Nissan ceased production of the Nissan Navara and closed its factory near Barcelona. But a Spanish group of investors is reanimating the model and preparing to launch an all-electric Navara called Ebro.

As pickup trucks are challenging to comply with stern emission rulings in the EU, Nissan decided to withdraw the model in 2021 and refocus on key markets like Mexico, Argentina, China, and Thailand. It seemed the model was the end of the line until a consortium of four Spanish companies (Jaton Racing, Api Brothers, Nexus Projetes, and B-tech) got inspired by Rivian and the Ford F-150 Lightning.

Rivian from Spain

Under the name Ebro, a revived nameplate from ancient times, the company has retooled the machinery from the former Nissan factory and rebuilt it in the same place in Barcelona. Ebro has the consent of Nissan and plans to make a zero-emission version of the Navara and the NV200 van, which used to be built on this site. Again, think Rivian, which manufactures an LCV for Amazon.

So, the all-electric Navara is a modded version. Its length is 5 218 mm, and it will come in a double cab variant from the start. It can carry one ton of cargo, just like the old Navara. This also means it is not merely a lifestyle vehicle.

A famed name

Ebro also indicates that it will be offered as rear-wheel and all-wheel drive, delivering roughly 300 hp of power. The installed battery pack has a capacity of 100 kWh and can cope with a range of up to 440 km. The vehicle’s total weight floats around 2,3 tons, which is still sensible for pickup carrying a hefty battery pack. However, it is not clear where the battery is sourced.

Production starts in 2024, with deliveries taking place in the same year. Ebro aims at an output rate of 60 000 vehicles and plans to hire 1 350 people across assembly and administrative functions. The brand’s name isn’t a novelty. Ebro is a famed Spanish brand of utility and agricultural vehicles founded in 1954. The company was discontinued in 1987.


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