Brussels Pentagon gets 250 drop zones for e-scooters

By early autumn, the City of Brussels will have set up 250 drop zones for e-scooters from sharing platforms in the Pentagon. So says Brussels Alderman for Mobility Bart Dhondt (Groen).

The Brussels government is working on a decree to regulate the operation of shared bikes and e-scooters in the Brussels region. Among other things, the draft text provides an extension from January next year of the so-called drop zones, demarcated areas where the shared bikes and e-scooters must be compulsorily parked after use. Municipalities that have completed drop zones earlier can start the project already.

50 already there, and 200 will be added

According to Brussels Mobility Alderman Bart Dhondt (Groen), there are already 50 drop zones in the pedestrian zone and the Pentagon in Brussels City today. Another 200 should be added by the end of the summer. This will allow the compulsory clearance of shared e-scooters to become operational. After all, carelessly lying around shared e-scooters cause a lot of inconvenience and nuisance to pedestrians.

400 drop zones in total

First and foremost, the drop zones will be placed in front of and near metro stations. According to Dhondt, Brussels City must install around 400 drop zones for all shared e-scooters under the administration, but they do not have to be provided everywhere. The Brussels Region would provide 3 000 drop zones for shared e-scooters.

The same draft decision the government approved at the second reading in early May also shows that the Brussels government wants to allow a maximum of 8 000 shared e-scooters on the capital’s streets from next year.

Last week, the Brussels MR also proposed a bill to ban bicycles and e-scooters in busy pedestrian zones in the capital.


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