Gotion adds manganese to LFP and achieves 1 000 km range

Chinese battery maker Gotion High-Tech, a company heavily backed by Volkswagen, has unveiled its L600 battery. Its cells use lithium manganese ferro phosphate chemistry capable of providing a range of 1 000 kilometers. Under the optimistic Chinese driving cycle, that is.

Battery packs promising 1 000 kilometers of range aren’t new, but until today, these were based on nickel-cobalt-manganese (NCM) chemistry. Gotion has developed an upgraded version of the lithium-ferro-phosphate (LFP) variant, adding manganese to the cells for higher density and quicker charging. They’re called Astroinno.

Double-sided cooling

The company claims the LFMP pack, unveiled at its 12th technology conference day, has a gravimetric energy density of 240 Wh/kg and a volumetric density of 525 Wh/L. The cells can handle 4 000 cycles at room temperature and 1 800 at higher degrees. The company is gearing up for mass production in 2024.

The Astroinno cells will be placed in a battery pack with a minimalist design, achieving a 45 percent reduction in structural components and a 32 percent weight improvement. Furthermore, it features double-side liquid cooling. Without providing specific details about size and state of charge, Gotion added the packs would be able to fast charge in 18 minutes.

For Volkswagen

As Volkswagen is the biggest shareholder in Gotion High-Tech, it seems logical that it would adopt the technology. But the Chinese battery maker didn’t provide details about supplying the German car giant with the new Astroinno cells. European researchers are also looking into the possibilities of LFMP cells for use in aviation.

To how much WLTP range the bold claim from Gotion translates can be calculated through a theoretical formula, which estimates a difference of around 13% in the advantage of the Chinese cycle. This would mean that the official range in Europe would fluctuate around 900 kilometers. Impressive, but to be regarded with caution.


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