NMBS/SNCB: People with reduced mobility can request assistance more easily

Train passengers with reduced mobility can now also request assistance to take the train more easily via the NMBS/SNCB website. To this end, the website adopts the functions and benefits of NMBS/SNCB Assist, the pay launched in January.

Among other things, a personal login, an adapted journey planner, online follow-up of requests, or requesting several journeys at once are some of the functionalities.

App is a success story

Requesting assistance was previously possible via the website, but it was not widely used, according to the railway company. Before the launch of the app, passengers with reduced mobility mainly called customer service to book assistance.

Customer service is still the main channel, but meanwhile, 30% of requests are already made via the app: more than 4 500 requests for assistance have already been made. This makes the app a success, according to the public transport company.

Almost 50 000 requests for train assistance

In 2022, more than 48 000 requests for train assistance were made. Assistance requests can be made at 132 stations. For a direct journey between the country’s 41 largest stations, this can be done up to three hours in advance. These are the stations where two-thirds of travelers take the train.

Requesting assistance can be done not only by phone, website, and app but also via Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram.


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