Chinese Huawei shows its second car: the Luxeed EH3

Chinese tech company Huawei has released pictures of its second car, an all-electric coupé-sedan codenamed EH3. Huwai’s CEO, Chengdong Yu released the images. The EH3 is believed to experience its public debut at Chengdu Auto Show, opening doors on the 25th of August.

As a well-known telecommunications and information technology provider, the car industry is a bit out of Huwaei’s league. However, the company made a first step with Seres under the brand Aito and is now further expanding into the vehicle market through a partnership with Chery, which provides the all-electric platform and underlying technology.

Premium but not in price

The EH3 is based on the latter’s E0X architecture, which is Chery’s high-end matrix of building blocks, focusing on next-level flexibility, connectivity, and electric drivelines. The models at Chery based on this structure are the Exeed Sterra ES and ET.

However, the premium positioning of this technology isn’t reflected in the price of the Luxeed EH3. According to the specialist website Carnewschina, the car will be sold for 200 000 yuan or 25 000 euros. In its home turf, the sedan plays in the BYD Han or Nio ET7 category – at least, dimension-wise.

Automated driving in 45 cities

For that price point, customers get a sleek-looking four-door coupé style, featuring a battery pack from CATL with an 800-volt onboard network and a range of 700 kilometers (according to the optimistic Chinese WLTC cycle). As for equipment, air suspension and four-wheel drive are on the list.

Huawei’s input can be found in the automated driving systems. The EH3 comes with the firm’s ADS 2.0 system, packing 11 high-definition cameras, twelve ultrasonic radars, three millimeter-way radars, and a lidar sensor.

According to the company, this harness enables hands-free driving over 200 kilometers. The car is also equipped for automated driving, allowed in 45 Chinese cities and on highways.


Of course, the car’s multimedia platform will be highly compatible with smartphones and laptops from Huawei, courtesy of the HarmonyOS 4 operating system. Gaming and the ability to connect a quadcopter drone will be incorporated.

Huawei’s maiden voyage into the realms of the automotive industry is proof of how electrification and connectivity are reshaping cars into smartphones on wheels. Another Asian tech giant stepping into the car business is Foxconn, which announced three car projects last year. Huawei plans four car models by 2025.


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