Lucid releases official specs of its lightning-fast Air Sapphire

It’s official. Boosting more than 1 200 hp, Lucid’s top-of-the-line Sapphire model is the fastest all-electric sedan from 0-60 mph. Over a quarter mile, the all-electric supersedan strangles top names like the Tesla Model S Plaid and even a Ducati bike. It’s a dash of glimmer as the company was forced to roll out no fewer than three separate recalls for the Air model this week.

Every model range in the luxury segment needs a halo version at the top. For over a year, EV newcomer Lucid has been hyping the Air Sapphire, a sports sedan destined to conquer the crown of superlatives. The official figures were released now that production is due, scheduled for September.

Battista still faster

This $249 000 (€229 288, before tax) flagship, costing double the price of the Tesla Model S Plaid, can hit 0-60 mph in precisely 1,89 seconds. A 0-100 km/hour chrono wasn’t unveiled, but it will still settle under two seconds. The quarter-mile distance, a vital performance measurement in the United States, is covered in 8,95 seconds.

At that point, the Air Sapphire is doing 158 mph (254 km/h). The Lucid is beaten by the Rimac Nevera (8,58) and the Pininfarina Battista (8,55), but technically, both contenders are the same car, and they only seat two. The top speed for the Sapphire is 205 mph, or 330 km/hour.

1 234 horsepower

That bonker performance comes from a power unit comprising three electric motors (two in the back, one in the front) delivering 1 234 hp. However, the range isn’t affected tremendously, as the Sapphire can still cover 427 miles (687 kilometers) on a single charge. CEO of Lucid Peter Rawlinson calls it “an unsurpassed blend of performance and versatility”.

As for agility and dynamics, the Sapphire can count on torque vectoring algorithms, carbon ceramic brakes, retuned front and rear springs, a weight-reducing aluminum roof, a better steering response by a new suspension geometry, and a charging capability of 900 volts matching its super fast accelerations.

Three recalls

Meanwhile, the other versions of the Air model are experiencing some teething problems. Lucid had to issue three separate recall actions this week, affecting 6 360 cars. Older software versions could result in power losses or the rear-view camera malfunctioning. Both glitches, concerning roughly 800 Air cars, can be remedied by a free over-the-air update.

The third recall is mechanical and impacts most models. Some 5 500 cars feature inadequately tightened wiper arm nuts, which can loosen and worsen visibility. These models will be inspected at dealerships, with a fix where necessary and free of charge.


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