Mercedes showcases ‘electric hypermiler’ Concept CLA

At the IAA in Münich, Mercedes has unveiled a future glimpse of how the revival of its smallest range will look like. The Concept CLA provides a new all-electric platform with an ample range of more than 750 kilometres on a single charge while boosting the use of sustainable materials on board. And, yes, there’s a huge screen replacing the dashboard.

Mercedes’ compact car range is to be overhauled profoundly in the wake of electrification. Whereas current models, both ICE and BEV, use a mixed platform, the new generation turns to the MMA structure (Mercedes-Benz Modular Architecture) found underneath this sleekly crafted Concept CLA called ‘electric hypermiler’ by Mercedes.

Swoopy and sensual

This is, ofcourse, the successor to the current CLA. A Shooting Brake version will join the namesake, together with two SUV versions including four-wheel drive. As for the current A-Classe and B-Class, their time is overdue. The design turns the swoopy and sensual lines of today’s model one notch up. But the biggest source of inspiration, according to the eye of the beholder and the official statement, is the EQXX.

Making bold statements about concepts without proof comes free. And although there are no exact specifications as proof, Mercedes does provide details about the battery packs responsible for that outstanding range. In a base version, the cells use a lithium-ion phosphate (LFP) chemistry, the best-performing models get silicon-oxide anodes with higher density.

With little help from the EQXX

The aerodynamic design of the Concept CLA, winking to the wind-cleaving EQXX, helps to bring consumption down to 12 kWh per 100 kilometres according to WLTP. That Mercedes went to great lengths to shave off some weight is evidence that some of these techniques are production-proof like replacing screws with adhesives for battery pack instalments to save kilos. Thanks to the 800-volt system, 400 kilometers can be recharged in 15 minutes. The system also includes bidirectional charging.

The Concept CLA further puts a strong accent on sustainability. The new platform represents a 40% CO2 reduction across the value chain and uses green steel, while the interior features vegan silk-like fabrics, bamboo and other biotechnology-based materials.

Digital turbine vents

The dashboard features a new take on Mercedes’ Hyperscreen. It’s called Superscreen and spans the entire length of the vehicle’s cabin. Divided into three parts (instrument cluster, infotainment and passenger interface), the screen also portrays digital versions of the famous turbine vents of the brand. The air comes from clever openings behind the screen. Equipped with a liquid-cooled processor, the MBUX system introduces the newest operating system from Mercedes—one of the key ingredients of this concept that is more reality than fiction.


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