Smart could produce smaller #2 and #4 models

Smart is in a complete transformation phase. After recently launching its first SUV, the #1, the brand known for its city cars, has presented the #3, an even larger SUV-Coupé. However, Smart is rumored to return to the small, two-seater city car. It could be named #2 and should be presented as soon as 2025.

Furthermore, another model, baptized #4, is rumored to arrive the year after, in 2026. To sit in a larger class, this new model could have the same size as the current Mercedes A-Class, which is on its last straw. Of course, both models will be electric.

The two new models should replace the previous ForTwo and ForFour, the first of which should end production in 2024 /Smart

Rumors or plans?

The information comes from the French automotive magazine L’Argus. In addition, it’s backed up by the fact that Smart aims to launch a new model every year. This is to reshape the brand after it’s been taken over in half by the Chinese automotive group Geely.

Nothing is said of the new #2 model, but there is a strong suspicion it could be inspired by the 2017 concept car Vision EQ ForTwo. While that model was some autonomous robot-taxi, its design cues have been taken over on the recent #1 and #3, such as the rounded shapes and the large mouth-like grill.

The future Smart #2 could resemble the Vision EQ ForTwo concept car presented in 2017 /Mercedes-Benz

Geely platform

According to the rumors, the future #2 will be launched next year. Such a short development time could be explained by the fact that Geely is an enormous conglomerate of brands with numerous platforms.

Under its Geometry brand, it produces the Panda Mini, a small, two-seater electric car. The future #2 could potentially sit on that basis. What we can be sure of is that the future #2 will be fully electric, and it will be assembled in China.

A-Class successor

Another larger model is rumored to come out of the Smart’s assembly lines in 2026. The brand’s fourth model, aptly named #4, could position itself in the C-segment, complementing Mercedes’ offer. With Stuttgart announcing that it wouldn’t replace the current A-Class and B-Class, the Smart #4 could fill that space.


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