New ‘fastback’ Peugeot e-3008 goes for 700 km electric drive

After a few teasers, Peugeot has finally unveiled its new all-electric e-3008. The popular SUV now resembles a high-riding fastback with a swooping roof line.

In addition to its new look, the e-3008 is the first vehicle to sit on Stellantis’ STLA Medium platform, offering from 210 to 320 hp of power and an impressive range of up to 700 km. The latter, thanks to a 98-kWh battery.

Regarding style, the new Peugeot e-3008 doesn’t come as a surprise. Modern yet recognizable, its design groups all of Peugeot’s recent tricks, including the squared-look wheels of the 408, the integrated grille first seen on the 308, and even the three-line light signature mimicking the lion’s claws.

The new Peugeot e-3008 is now a high-riding fastback with a swooping roofline /Peugeot.

Dimensions are close to the ICE-powered 3008 at 4,54-m long, thus making this newcomer one of the more compact of its segment. Peugeot has opted for a fastback look, with a swooping roofline, for aerodynamic purposes but also to differentiate it from its “conventional” brother, in our opinion.

STLA Medium

The most significant difference is more than skin-deep. The new e-3008 sits on Stellantis’ STLA Medium. It’s even the first vehicle of the group to do so.

Built with EV in mind, the platform allows the e-3008 to offer three powertrain variants, from front-wheel-drive to all-wheel-drive. Power ranges from 210 hp (157 kW) for the entry-level to 320 hp (240 kW) for the dual-motor version. Between both sits a ‘long-range version’ with 230 hp (170 kW).

700 km of range

That version isn’t only more powerful than the entry-level; it’s equipped with a larger battery. While the two first variants make do with a still sizable 73-kWh battery, the long-range version is equipped with an even larger 98-kWh battery.

While the WLTP range figures still have to be officially homologated, Peugeot boasts a range of up to 700 km for that variant. The two others should offer a range of 525 km, whatever the motor.

Thanks to a sizeable 98-kWh battery, the Peugeot e-3008 “long-range” boasts an impressive 700 km range /Peugeot

In terms of charging, an onboard 11 kW tri-phase AC charge is standard, and 22 kW is optional. While both batteries are large, fast charging is limited to 160 kW.

The good news is that the heat pump should be standard-fit, that all motors and reduction gearboxes are made in France, and that there is a 3 kW V2L (vehicle-to-load) function.

Next-gen iCockpit

Inside, the e-3008 introduces the next generation of Peugeot’s iCockpit. Still comprising of a small steering wheel with a high-up instrument cluster, it now includes a large 21-inch panoramic screen that combines the cluster and infotainment.

Peugeot adds the ‘iToggle’ on the dashboard above the center console, that 10-inch touchscreen with custom shortcuts we know from the 308.

The new Panoramic iCockpit features a 21-inch touchscreen that combines the instrument cluster and infotainment /Peugeot

Despite a 2,73-m wheelbase – rather conventional for a vehicle on a specific EV platform these days – Peugeot says there’s ample space for a family. More importantly, trunk space is the same on all variants, with 520 liters under the cover.

Last, but not least, Peugeot has also announced that a larger e-5008 will arrive to fight the competition in the upper-EV class. More info on that will be available at the beginning of 2024.


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