Brussels gets 1.200 new charging points in 2024

The Brussels Region is planning 1 200 new charging points for EVs next year. Brussels Energy and Environment Minister Alain Maron (Ecolo) has announced a public contract. Sixty of these charging points will be exclusively for car sharing.

By 2035, the Brussels Region aims to have 22 000 publicly accessible charging points for electric cars. Public tenders are regularly organized for the installation of these charging points.

Minister Maron has now announced that by 2024, 1 200 charging points should be added. He has mandated that the distribution system operator, Sibelga, coordinate the installation. The Brussels government has entrusted Sibelga to manage the deployment of on-street charging stations throughout Brussels by 2035.

The charging points will be installed throughout the region’s territory, according to the needs identified in each district. They will also be powered exclusively by renewable energy.

3 742 public charging points

In 2021, the Brussels government decided to phase out combustion engine vehicles by 2035. Alternatives are being worked on in parallel, such as the rollout of charging infrastructure for EVs.

Currently, there are 3 742 public charging points in the Brussels Region, and by 1 January 2024, every electric vehicle owner will have a charging solution within 150 meters of his home.

This network of publicly accessible charging points is complementary to the numerous charging points installed off-road, in public supermarkets or office car parks, and to private terminals installed by individuals or businesses.

All information concerning charging stations in the Brussels Region is available on the website On the site of Sibelga, helpful information can also be found.


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