Sharp dip in Belgian speed pedelecs sales

Sales of new speed pedelecs fell 31,4% in Belgium in September compared to the same month last year. This is reported by sector federation Traxio. In September, 1 212 speed pedelecs were sold, compared to 1 767 in the same month last year.

However, on the second-hand market for speed pedelecs, a clear increase of 26,3% was recorded in September 2023 compared with September 2022, with 758 units sold compared with 600 last year.

Saturation point not yet reached

Sales of new speed pedelecs have been on a downward trend for some time, although the preliminary annual figures are not too bad. Compared to last year, 8% fewer speed pedelecs were sold in the first nine months of 2023.

Private individuals, in particular, are dropping out, says Filip Rylant, Traxio spokesperson. But that loss – a drop of 35,3% – is somewhat absorbed by the lease bike, with a remarkable increase of 29,3%. Especially at the beginning of the year, many civil servants’ lease bikes were registered. At almost 52%, lease bikes now account for over half of speed pedelecs registrations.

According to Rylant, the speed peddled market has not yet reached its saturation point, but he does think “there are purchasing power problems among the private target group of speed pedelecs”.

Sales of second-hand speed pedelecs on the rise

However, the market for second-hand speed pedelecs is clearly on the rise – it was already at record levels earlier this year. In the first nine months, 840 more second-hand speed pedelecs were registered (18,6%) than in 2022, and even 155,4% more than two years ago. The first three quarters of this year already account for 5 345 units.

According to Traxio, more and more second-hand speed pedelecs are entering the market because leasing companies resell them or the leasing contracts have expired, and their customers are buying them back.

The federation also indicates that the bicycle allowance to which private sector employees have been entitled since 1 May will increase sales of bicycles, including speed pedelecs.

And anyway, compared to Flanders, the number of speed pedelec registrations in Brussels and Wallonia remains a fringe phenomenon.

Nevertheless, the provinces of Antwerp (-13%) and West Flanders (-42%) were particularly hit. The reason for the decline in the two provinces is that Antwerp and West Flanders have fewer bicycle leasing companies, so they have a higher proportion of private registrations, and it is precisely the latter that are taking a hit.


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