ALD Automotive and LeasePlan rebaptized as Ayvens

The merger between ALD Automotive and LeasePlan continues under the new name of Ayvens. The company, owned by Société Générale, will start rolling out its revamped identity in major markets at the start of 2024. Belgium is scheduled for the second quarter of next year.

“This new brand identity not only ensures that 15 700 employees share a new common identity, but it also reflects how we are changed by customers who need greater choice, freedom, and value,” commented CEO of Ayvens Tim Albertsen. “This will help us increase our market and customer awareness, as well as attract the best talent on the planet.”

‘Better with every move’

As ALD Automotive absorbed LeasePlan, it was clear that the emerging leasing giant needed a fresh and more unbiased name and a new logo to express its strengthened operations and modern identity. With rebranding, the company wants to underline its ambition to provide its customers with less complex, intelligent, and sustainable mobility solutions.

Therefore, the greenish background for the new logo is more or less predictable. There’s no specific significance to the name Ayvens; the new company claims that it evokes ‘the way forward’. A tagline supports the new identity: ‘Better with every move’. Both business units are now one step closer to a fully integrated entity.

Third biggest

Ayvens will be active in the 44 countries where ALD Automotive/LeasePlan is currently present and targets large companies, small enterprises, and private customers. The company runs a fleet of 3,4 million vehicles and has the largest multi-branded selection of electric cars. It’s the third most significant global mobility player after Volkswagen Financial Services and Toyota Financial Services.

ALD Automotive acquired Leaseplan in May 2023, which paid 4,8 billion for the transaction. The move was inspired by the target to achieve best-in-class efficiency and create more value for the shareholders.

The inspirational leasing approach of LeasePlan, which had a string of owners during its history, was one of its main assets. The company pioneered fleet management software and had a strong sustainability commitment and a nose for innovation, as it was one of the first customers of the now-bust Lightyear company and its solar car.


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