Toyota presents Kayoibako people and goods mover concept

At the Japan Mobility Show 2023, Toyota will not only present two BEV concepts, but it will also showcase the Kayoibako. This new vehicle is a multi-purpose modular electric concept that can fit numerous roles.

The budget-friendly 4-meter-long Kayoibako can double as a last-mile delivery van, shuttle van, or even camper, and the perfect city MPV for crowded Japanese towns.

Modular shipping container

According to Toyota, the ‘Kayoibako’ nameplate comes from the Japanese for small, modular shipping containers sized to eliminate waste. With this approach, the new concept can accommodate numerous mobility needs.

Toyota presents the Kayoibako, a multi-purpose modular electric concept, ahead of the Japan Mobility Show 2023 /Toyota

Images do more than words. In these renders, Toyota showcases the Kayoibako as a delivery van, an urban shuttle, or an MPV adapted for people with disabilities. There’s even a camper version, although it is probably the smallest camper in the world. Indeed, the concept is relatively small at only 3 990 mm long, 1 790 mm wide, and 1 855 mm high.

Small van

‘Customizable’ is the word, and Toyota further says that the software can also be suited to different needs. The Kayoibako can be easily transformed from a van to a mobile shop.

Inside, the Kayoibako concept showcases a single driver seat, a large screen, ample space, and a flat floor pan /Toyota

Inside, Toyota doesn’t give any additional information other than the pictures. We can see a single driver seat with a large screen spawning the whole width of the dashboard. Most importantly, we can see a completely flat floor pan, a squared space, and a large rear hatch to access it.

‘Find Your Future’

Ahead of the Japan Mobility Show 2023, the largest Japanese brand in the world also announced that the Kayoibako will share the room with the two BEV concepts, which were teased recently. Toyota’s theme is “Let’s Change the Future of Cars – Find Your Future”.

The Kayoibako concept can accommodate different needs, such as wheelchair access for the disabled /Toyota

For now, Toyota doesn’t give too much information about the specifications of this concept, apart from the dimensions. What we know is that the Kayoibako is a battery-electric vehicle.

It could be based on the brand’s eTNGA modular platform, as the wheelbase is close to the Toyota bZ4X. One thing’s for sure: the Kayoibako doesn’t pretend to be self-driving or need to be, as it has a steering wheel and aims to be budget-friendly.


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