Nissan showcases EV minivan, off-roader, and SUV concepts

Nissan is presenting three EV concept cars ahead of the Japan Mobility Show 2023, which will take place next week. Each concept is represented by a symbolic character to which they have been tailored.

The Hyper Tourer is an electric minivan with striking styling and solid-state batteries, the Hyper Adventure is an electric off-roader outfitter for outdoor travelers, and the Hyper Urban is an electric urban SUV.

Japan Motor Show 2023

Manufacturers are gearing up for the Japan Motor Show 2023. Ahead of the event, Toyota has already teased two concepts and even completely unveiled a small people mover. Nissan will be in Tokyo with four new concept cars, three of which the company has unveiled digitally, along with their ‘symbolic character’. According to the brand’s marketing team, the three concepts have “custom-tailored features that add value to unique lifestyles and diverse aspirations”.

Hyper Urban

The Nissan Hyper Urban started Nissan’s progressive unveiling of its concepts at the beginning of this month. It’s an electric crossover designed for the urban and suburban environment.

The Nissan Hyper Urban eclectic concept features V2G and can help support the local energy grid /Nissan

It features an intelligent charging management system with AI that helps it support the local power grid. Regarding design, it’s somewhat similar to Nissan’s current Ariya. Inside, the Hyper Urban features front seats that collapse and fold into the back seats, thus creating a relaxing space for two passengers.

Hyper Adventure

The second concept unveiled by Nissan isn’t made to support the grid as much as to create its own. The Hyper Adventure is an electric off-roader concept made for outdoor travelers. As Nissan refers to it, its ‘large capacity battery’ can double as a power source for the campsite.

The Nissan Hyper Adventure can double as a power source for the campsite /Nissan

Inside, an array of screens connects the windshield to the instrument panel. Most impressive, though – besides those large butterfly rear doors – is the rear bench that can rotate to 180 degrees to create an outside sitting area. There are even automatic extendable steps to ease entry.

Hyper Tourer

The last concept to be unveiled (at the moment of writing) is the impressive Hyper Tourer, an electric minivan with striking styling. While this body shape has been lost in favor of SUVs in our region, the minivan is trending in Asia. Look at the future Volvo EM90, the Zeekr 009, or even the Xpeng X9.

The Nissan Hyper Tourer blends Japanese hospitality with autonomous driving. The front seats can swivel 360 degrees while an AI system monitors passengers’ biometric signs to adjust the music and mood lighting.

The Nissan Hyper Tourer blends Japanese hospitality with autonomous driving and solid-state batteries /Nissan

Nissan incorporates this hospitality in a body almost entirely made of straight and sharp lines. There’s even a large spoiler at the back to help with aerodynamics. Yes, a spoiler on an MPV. Underneath that striking design sits a new platform with e-4RCE all-wheel-drive and, most importantly, high-energy density all-solid-state batteries. Of course, this is still a concept…


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