Audi kicks off electric motor production for new-gen BEVs

Audi’s Györ plant in Hungary has kickstarted electric motor manufacturing for the Premium Platform Electric (PPE). These cutting-edge electric motors will debut in the Audi Q6 e-tron and, later on, in forthcoming new models like the A6 e-tron and A4, which will be battery-only, including future Porsche cars.

Audi is in full pace to commence the rollout of its first car on the PPE platform, as the Q6 e-tron is scheduled for production in Ingolstadt by year’s end. That’s where the battery assembly facility is located. But in Györ, Hungary, Audi is at the forefront of producing stators, transmission components, and axles in a state-of-the-art 15 000-square-meter production area. The site is set to play a pivotal role in the manufacturing chain for models based on PPE.

Compact and efficient

Gernot Döllner, Audi CEO, lauds Györ as the ideal hub for producing these compact and efficient electric motors. He notes the invaluable experience of the highly qualified team, having assembled over 400 000 electric drive systems since 2018. Those numbers refer to the manufacturing of the drive system for the current Audi Q8 e-tron with final assembly in Brussels.

While Györ is currently a supplier of electric components, it will add full-scale production of small BEVs based on the toolkit MEBeco shortly. The preparations for a dedicated production area are underway. These models won’t carry an Audi badge but belong to Volkswagen, Cupra, and Skoda brands.

700 employees in three shifts

The production of the new electric motors is implemented along three new lines, each with its distinct processes. The stator production line comprises 28 work steps, while the transmission components line involves 15 stages. The assembly of a single axle necessitates an intricate 190 individual steps.

Approximately 700 employees engage in three-shift production, aiming to craft up to 2 000 electric motors daily for the PPE, catering to Audi and Porsche. Györ’s production has been net carbon neutral since 2020, boasting Europe’s most extensive roof-mounted photovoltaic system. The logistics company DB Cargo guarantees carbon-neutral transportation of electric motors from Györ to Ingolstadt.

The PPE platform is the next step in electrification technology for the Volkswagen Group and promises a range of 700 kilometers, an 800 V network, and DC-fast charging at 270 kW.


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