Info screens in Belgian train stations get a new look

The digital information screens in the Belgian public railway company NMBS/SNCB stations are getting a new look. The new design allows more information during disrupted train traffic and increases readability.

The new design can already be seen in Brussels station, and stations in the rest of the country will follow by the end of this week.

Extra info by disrupted train traffic

Customer surveys showed that travelers demanded more information to be displayed when train traffic is disrupted. To remedy that shortcoming, the information screens will clearly show when the train’s route is extended or restricted or when an intermediate stop is abolished.

Also, if the train is replaced by a bus due to planned works or in case of an incident, this will be clearly shown on the screen.

Better legibility, also for the visually impaired

Other change: On the platform screens, where until now only the next train was announced, at the bottom of the screen, the train after that will also be announced. And screens in smaller stations will show all stops of the first four expected trains.

Finally, to increase readability, the info will be better structured. More color contrast has also been added, an essential advantage for the visually impaired. The new design has been tested in Brussels-Luxembourg, Dendermonde, and Nivelles stations in recent months and will be seen in all Belgian train stations before the end of the week.


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