Brupass tickets now digitally available in Brussels

Brupass and Brupass XL tickets are now also available digitally in the MIVB/STIB, NMBS/SNCB, and TEC apps, and from the beginning of 2024, also at De Lijn. They’re the first digital tickets that allow travelers to travel on the four public transport networks in Brussels and its outskirts. For MIVB/STIB, this is an additional novelty as it is also its first digital ticket.

With Brupass and Brupass XL, travelers can use a single ticket and a common fare to travel by train, tram, bus, and metro within a perimeter of 11,5 km around the Brussels Grand Palace to the 19 Brussels municipalities and vast periphery. Brupass XL is an extension of Brupass, limited to the Brussels Capital Region.

Operator of your choice

The new mobile solution allows travelers to buy Brupass and Brupass XL tickets for one and ten trips directly and entirely digitally in the app of the public transport operator of their choice.

You do not need a MOBIB card for this; you need to open an account in the app of railway operator NMBS/SNCB, MIVB/STIB, and Flemish and Walloon bus and tram operator De Lijn and TEC. Those with the app must download the new version and create an account.

No limitation on the number of changes

After activation, the digital ticket is valid for 60 minutes, just like a conventional ticket, without any limitation on the number of changes, and this is for the entire network of the four public transport companies in the Brussels region (Brupass) and the Brussels periphery (Brupass XL).

The digital ticket does not need to be scanned when the traveler boards a tram or bus. Switching should only be indicated in the app when transferring from one vehicle to another, regardless of whether switching within the same transport company.

New validators in the Brussels metro stations

For MIVB/STIB, Brupass and Brupass XL are the first available tickets via the app. Every metro station in Brussels now has at least one gate with a new reader that can scan the app’s QR codes. This reader is built into the gates, with a glass protection. A reader is also built into the gates for people with reduced mobility.

There are stickers on all sides around the reader so that travelers can easily see where to show their QR code to open the gates to enter and exit the station. At checks, travelers only must show the code created by the app.

‘Efficient payment solution’

“The Brupass is MIVB/STIB’s best-selling transport ticket. Easy, fast, and efficient payment solutions are also important for travelers,” stressed MIVB/STIB CEO Brieuc de Meeûs.

“The NMBS/SNCB app is an important channel for train passengers to buy their tickets,” clarifies Sophie Dutordoir, CEO of the railway company. “The fact that now, in addition, the Brupass (XL) can be purchased this way makes it even easier for travelers to combine public transport in and around Brussels with one ticket.  Something the train plays a huge role in with over 50 stations and almost 1 400 trains a day,” concludes Dutordoir.

Now, make sure your phone’s battery doesn’t go flat…


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