Ora and Wey rebranded as Great Wall Motor in Europe

Don’t stick to Ora and Wey only as from 2024, but say ‘Great Wall Motors’. The Chinese group is rebranding its model line-up. The previous brand names are set to become product lines, while Great Wall Motor (GWM) will serve as the title brand. The Ora Cat, for example, will be called Great Wall Motor Ora 03. What’s in a name?

Within this new master brand approach, GWM presents the parent company as the sole consumer brand. The plan, One GWM, must “increase visibility” while facilitating model identification. Admittedly, as a newcomer brand from China, few Western European customers are aware that Wey and Ora belong to the same family. And Great Wall Motor, well, it is not difficult to grasp its origins by name, is it?

Now with numbers

So, the brand consolidation is sort of a step forward. With ‘sort of’, we mean that Wey, a luxury brand, and Ora, a more democratic branch, now face a somewhat diluted brand image.

It’s as if Skoda and Audi were badged under the same moniker. Adding a numerical part is something to get used to as well. The Ora Funky Cat and Ora Lightning Cat are now called GWM Ora 03 and GWM Ora 05.

The progress is more significant for the GWM Wey Coffee 01, having become GWM Wey 05, and the GWM Wey Coffee 02, now named GWM Wey 03. Again, ‘sort of’ because why is the previous higher number now lower in the ranking?

Great Wall Motor (GWM) believes the new naming code will make the commercial approach more efficient, from sales to the retailer. In that sense, the brand is prepping to capitalize on the growing electrification. Private sales for BEVs are lagging in Europe, but the Chinese brands are less affected due to a more aggressive pricing strategy.

Expanding its presence

GWM has, therefore, presented a European expansion plan. Already having secured collaborations in countries like Germany, the UK, Ireland, Sweden, and Israel, GWM plans to further grow its presence in 2024, including markets such as Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Iceland, and Bulgaria.

These markets will be offered the two mentioned models, with an all-new third car arriving in 2025.


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