Brussels Airlines: new uniforms and more inclusive style guide

Brussels Airlines has presented new uniforms for its cabin crew, pilots, and airport staff. The style guide has also been completely updated: from now on, hairstyles and make-up are no longer gender-specific, which means that stewards can now paint their nails, for example. Visible tattoos are no longer taboo either.

The new uniforms, which more than 2 600 airline employees will wear from 1 March, are dark navy blue with champagne-colored accents. They were designed by Gabrielle Szwarcenberg, a master’s student at the Antwerp Fashion Academy.

More durable uniforms

Szwarcenberg was inspired by glamorous 1960s uniforms, such as the A-line dress, but she also added contemporary touches. Innovative materials make the uniform more durable. For example, the shoes are made of vegan leather, based on cacti and grapes. Animal-friendly wool was used for jumpers with turtlenecks, another novelty.

Brussels Airlines says, “The new uniforms, created in close collaboration with employees, are comfortable and fit all body shapes and people of all ages nicely. “Some unisex items are added to the uniform, and sneakers are also part of the collection.

Throughout the design, you will also find subtle references to Belgian icons, such as the Atomium on the scarves and the blazers’ inner lining. There was also an eye for collaborations with various Belgian brands when designing.

More inclusive style guide

Along with unveiling the uniforms at a fashion show, Brussels Airlines’ style guide also received a refresh. Moving away from gender-specific guidelines for hairstyles, make-up, or jewelry, the airline is becoming more inclusive. “The airline’s mission is for everyone to feel at home, including its employees,” Brussels Airlines said. “The new guidelines will improve employee welfare.”

For instance, make-up will no longer be compulsory for women and forbidden for men: everyone will be free to wear it but must stick to a specific color palette.

Brussels Airlines stresses that there will no longer be a gender difference in earrings or hairstyles. Once the hair touches the shoulders, it must be put up. This is a safety measure.

For the first time, employees are also allowed to wear visible tattoos. However, they must not be offensive, and size restrictions, for example, still apply.


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