Electric Hyundai Casper planned for Europe in late 2024

Launched in its home market with a gasoline engine, the Hyundai Casper should arrive in Europe in late 2024. However, for us, it’ll be electric only. Rumors talk of an affordable, small crossover with a 35-kWh battery and a range of about 200 km.

Playing in the same ballpark as the recently unveiled Citroen ë-C3 and Dacia Spring, the Hyundai Casper – as it’s currently known – is expected to cost around 20,000 euros.

Late 2024

Rumors have made the rounds about the small Hyundai Casper. Originally launched in its home market of Korea back in 2021 with gasoline engines, the cute crossover is expected to spawn an electric variant. Korean Car Blog has already published a few pictures of prototypes that resemble unmistakably the 3.6-m-long Casper.

Covered-up prototypes of the electric Hyundai Casper have been spotted in Japan /Korean Car Club

Other covered prototypes have been spotted in Japan, confirming the arrival of an updated version. Talks on the Korean Car Blog report a longer version for Europe with a larger battery.

Electric only… but affordable?

The future Hyundai Casper is said to share its platform with the Ray EV from sister company Kia. It should also use the same powertrain, comprised of a 64-kW electric motor and a 35-kWh battery. Range should, therefore, be around 200 km.


The future electric Hyundai Casper should play in the same ballpark as the recently unveiled Citroen ë-C3 and Dacia Spring. Prices should be limited to about 20,000 euros.

The future small electric crossover could come to Europe with a different name. Judging by the covered-up prototypes, it already borrows a few cues from the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and 6. It’s, therefore, not a stretch to think that this future small electric crossover could be named Ioniq 1 or 2.


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