Bruxell’Air premium to be extended and increased

The Brussels government is going to increase the Bruxell’Air premium. The increase should encourage Brussels residents to eliminate their number plates and switch to more sustainable transport.

In Ghent, you can also get a premium if your number plate is scrapped. Last year, the city received over 200 applications for a 500-euro compensation. On the other hand, the city of Ghent is eliminating a 3,000-euro subsidy for purchasing shared EVs.

From now on, Brussels residents will be entitled to 505 euros, 705 euros, or 1,010 euros for up to two years. The increase is especially pertinent for the last category, those in the lowest income brackets, namely, plus 110 euros. The new conditions will apply from March 1st, 2024.

Two MIVB/STIB season tickets instead of one

With this measure, even the most socially vulnerable Brussels residents should be able to find their way around the city using greener and more sustainable modes of transport.

The premium depends on income, and the most vulnerable will now receive a bonus of 1,010 euros, with the philosophy that this will allow them to buy two MIVB/STIB season tickets (after all, an annual subscription costs €499).

This was the main reason for extending the Bruxell’Air premium, as the 505-euro and 705-euro premiums, for example, have only increased by 5 euros.

The premium will also be extended to newer mobility services, including shared e-scooters, although it has dropped from 250 to 200 euros.

1,200 premiums last year

In any case, the premium is rather popular in Brussels. More than 1,200 Bruxell’Air premiums were already granted last year (down from 2,300), 60% to low-income households and families.

The premium should also lend a hand with air pollution in the capital. Indeed, that is a silent killer in Brussels and beyond, accounting for 9,000 Belgian deaths a year.

“Making our modes of transport sustainable is crucial to improve air quality in Brussels,” points out Environment and Climate Minister Alain Maron (Ecolo). “In this evolution toward less polluting mobility, I want the situation of all Brussel residents to be taken into account, especially the most vulnerable.”

No more subsidies for shared EVs in Ghent

In Ghent, an organization or individual could get 3,000 euros from the City to buy an electric car. The condition was that a recognized sharing platform purchased the vehicle or was immediately affiliated with it.

But now that the Flemish government gives premiums of 5,000 euros to buy EVs, Ghent is abolishing the local premium. The money from this subsidy pot does, however, go back into the pot with other subsidies for sustainable mobility.


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