Renault’s Master E-Tech gets impressive 460 km of range

French car and van maker Renault unveiled the fourth-generation Master in November with impressive performance and range figures. Today, those figures are official and homologated. The new electric Master E-Tech has a range of up to 460 km (WLTP).

The new Renault Master E-Tech manages this feat, all things considered, with an 87-kWh battery. Despite having a much smaller battery and more payload capacity, it does better than its closest competitor, the Fiat eDucato.

460 km of range

New vans don’t come around the corner every year. It’s especially true for the largest ones. In November 2023, Renault lifted the veil on its whole new Master, with improvements all across the board, from technology to payload and efficiency. The new Master has two electric variants powered by a 40 or 87-kWh battery.

During the launch, Renault announced that certification of both battery ranges was still pending. Today, the largest battery has been homologated. The new Master E-Tech with the 87-kWh battery boasts a range of up to 460 km, thus making it the class leader in Europe.

The electric Renault Master uses more battery than all its competitors in terms of range /Renault

Renault has 40 km of official range, more than its closest competitors Fiat, Peugeot, Citroën, Opel, and Toyota. All based on the Ducato, these Italian-born vans achieve 420 km of range with a much larger 110 kWh battery. The Renault also outpaces the Maxus eDelivery 9, Ford E-Transit, and Mercedes eSprinter.


However, the new Master has much better aerodynamics than the Ducato, which is an essential factor for large vehicles. According to Renault, wind resistance has been lowered by 20%.

The new Master E-Tech also does better in payload capacity, with a maximum of 1,625 kg. The most potent version (105 kW/300 Nm) can also tow up to 2.5 tons. That figure was previously only dreamt by electric van drivers.

V2L & V2G

Charging is also on par with the battery’s size. A 22-kW inboard charger handles the AC loads, while fast DC charging can be up to 130 kW. According to Renault, charging on an AC wall box will take four hours, while rapid charging brings 252 km of range in 30 min.

The Renault Master E-Tech features a V2L function to power up tools /Renault

Renault has also equipped its new electric Master E-Tech Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) to charge other devices from outlets in the cockpit and load area, considering its professional use.

It can power tools and custom-built parts, such as refrigerated compartments or electric tailgates. A Vehicle-to-Grid function also allows the Master E-Tech to feed energy from its battery to the grid using a bidirectional charger.


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