Car sharing becomes more accessible in Brussels

More than 30 organizations have signed the ‘Inclusive Car-sharing’ Green Deal in Brussels, a charter to expand car sharing as a sustainable mobility alternative by giving access to it to as many Brussels residents as possible, regardless of their specific needs.

This is an initiative of Brussels Environment and Mobility Ministers Alain Aaron (Ecolo) and Elke Van den Brandt (Groen). According to, Brussels is already the leader in car sharing at the European level.

More inclusive and sustainable

The organizations include car-sharing operators and public organizations, such as La Ligue des Familles, the Cyclists’ Union, Parking Brussels, and the municipalities. The charter aims to make car sharing even more inclusive and sustainable. Bruxelles Environment coordinates the initiative in collaboration with Brussels Mobility,, and AMT Concept.

For example, some actors will make child seats available in their cars in the coming months. Other actors will place vehicles around social housing or organize training for people struggling with the digital divide.

Each party involved will implement several concrete and innovative actions by the end of 2026 in consultation with the other partners to strengthen the impact of the measures.

‘More freedom of choice’

“With this Green Deal, we are expanding the offer of sustainable mobility solutions on our territory so that everyone has more choice to move freely and so that there is less pollution,” stated Environment Minister Maron (Ecolo).

Minister of Mobility Van den Brandt (Groen) puts it this way: “We note that certain groups still do not have access to this efficient and economical use of the car: families who need car seats, persons who do not have a smartphone, who have specific needs, such as persons with reduced mobility, or simply persons who are not familiar with these services.”

“The partners of this Green Deal ‘Car-sharing’ will systematically tackle all these obstacles so that more Brussels residents have greater freedom of choice regarding how they move around.”

More than 50,000 Brussels residents share cars

Car sharing is becoming increasingly popular in Brussels. The offer has diversified in recent years, and new operators have emerged offering a wide range of services. The number of users has tripled in the capital since 2021. Today, more than 50,000 Brussels residents regularly use a shared car. These are mainly young working adults between 25 and 45 years old.

According to, car sharing can save up to €3,000 per year if you travel less than 12,000 km annually. The Brussels government also supports this mode of transport through the Brussels’ Air premium, which offers a budget for sustainable mobility to Brussels residents who no longer wish to own a car. The government also recently revised the legislative framework around car sharing to encourage it.

Moreover, in June, Brussels Environment already launched a call for projects for potential signatories to the Green Deal: 400,000 euros will go to pilot projects that make car sharing more inclusive. The winner of that call will be announced soon.


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