Over a quarter of Belgians ride an e-bike

The electric bike is becoming more and more popular. More than one in four Belgians, or 28%, used one in 2023, up 4% from a year ago. This is according to a survey by the FPS Mobility.

The rise is particularly striking in rural areas. The regular Flemish cyclist living outside a big city uses an e-bike more often than a non-electric one. In addition, 13% of Belgians with a regular bicycle say they are considering buying an electric one.

No changes in trends

Otherwise, mobility trends in Belgium remain essentially unchanged. The most frequently used modes of transport remain travel on foot (96%) and by car (94%). More than half of the population uses these at least three times a week.

Public transport (67%) and cycling (57%) are the two most popular alternatives. These averages do hide significant differences. Many more people cycle in Flanders (76%) than in Brussels (37%) and Wallonia (31%), trends that have been apparent for a long time.

Of the cyclists surveyed, just under a third (30%) use the bike only for bicycle trips. This percentage is considerably higher in Wallonia (65%) than in Flanders (21%). More than half of Flemish cyclists use the bicycle for recreational and practical purposes, compared to a quarter of Walloon cyclists.

Just under a third of cyclists (30%) also plan to increase their use of bicycles over the next twelve months. Moreover, 17% of non-cyclists state they intend to take up cycling.

Public transport stays popular in cities

In contrast, public transport is more prevalent in cities. Another calibrated fact: 57% of Brussels residents use it at least once weekly, compared to 18% of Flemings and Walloons.

E-scooters are only marginal, with 7% of respondents using them at least a few days a year and less than 1% using them at least three times a week.

The FPS Mobility’s BeMob survey was conducted between March and December 2023 among a panel of 6,240 respondents aged between 18 and 79.


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