Renault reveals production-ready R5 E-Tech in Geneva

Pictures of the production-ready Renault R5 had already leaked on Instagram, but Renault subsequently launched the model officially on the press day of the Geneva Motor Show. The final design stays remarkably close to the concept version, which debuted three years ago. The 5 replaces the Zoe and will accompany the 4 later this year.

The 5 E-Tech has undergone minimal modifications in transitioning from a concept vehicle to a production model. Its dimensions remain almost the same (length of 3.9 meters), while the wheel design and the vibrant colors, like yellow and green,  are also kept in place.

No more pop-out

Among the minor tweaks, we notice that the prominent illuminated Renault logo at the front has been removed and that the unique cross-hatched LED lights have been replaced with a standard square pattern. The pop-out door handles, which have become a standard to enhance the aerodynamics and range of today’s battery-powered models, haven’t made it to the factory floor. They have been exchanged for traditional ones.

The separation between the brake light’s upper and lower parts has been broadened at the back. The continuous light bar that once connected the entire rear, which has also become a standard in the BEV category, has been substituted with a solid black trim piece. Renault has clearly opted for some cost-saving measures to keep prices down. The original 5 was a people’s car, and the new version hopes to repeat that history in the modern age with a price not exceeding € 25,000.

52 or 40 kWh

The cockpit fuses nostalgic elements and vivid colors reminiscent of the classic 5 with a contemporary digital twin-screen setup and a steering wheel in a squircle format. The multimedia screen is worth noticing as Renault seems to have abandoned its trademark portrait mode.

The seats are formed like tulips, just like the original, and the fabrics of the seats and steering wheel use bio-sourced materials in the trim levels Techno and Cinq. For the complete car, Renault claims a recyclability level of 85%.

The battery, assisted by a heat pump, has a capacity of 52 kWh, resulting in a range of approximately 400 kilometers, and weighs reportedly 15 kilos less than the similar pack in the Zoe.

A smaller 40 kWh pack will join it at a later phase. AC charging can be performed three-phase (up to 11 kW), while the 5 E-Tech also features bidirectional charging. At fastchargers, the peak is topped at 80 kW.

The e-motor is a more compact version of the one used in the Megane and Scenic and freed from rare earth metals. Three power levels are available: 70 kW/95 hp with 215 Nm, 90 kW/120 hp with 225 Nm, and 110 kW/150 hp with 245 Nm. Sports car subdivision Alpine is also involved with developing the A290, a sports version of this R5, to be launched in June.

AmpR Small

The architecture used by the 5 has changed names from CMF-B EV to AmpR Small but is different from the bespoke platform used on Zoe. It uses components from the CMF-B structure, as used by Clio and Arkana, for example.

Its most impressive feature is a multilink axle in the rear, which is unique in this segment. It could prove a benefit over its main rival, the all-electric Mini. Finally, a new braking system must improve the balancing exercise between hydraulic and regenerative braking.


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