Hyundai’s electric 7-seater SUV Ioniq 9 nears production

The future electric SUV from Hyundai has been spotted testing in various states of cover. Previously announced as Ioniq 7, it could be renamed Ioniq 9 after the success of its brother from Kia, the EV9.

What is certain is that both SUVs will share the same 800-volt E-GMP platform. This should give the seven-seater Ioniq 9 up to 384 hp, all-wheel-drive, and a 99,8-kWh battery with more than 500 km range.

From 7 to 9

Hyundai’s future electric 7-seater SUV has been spotted in the last phases of development. This has led to speculation that Hyundai might change its name.

In 2021, the Korean manufacturer announced an electric Ioniq 7 with all-wheel drive and a 100-kWh battery pack. With the success of the large Kia EV9, rumors are now swirling about a Hyundai Ioniq 9.

Prototypes seen in testing feature the same pixel-LED headlights as the Seven Concept /Hyundai

Pictures of a heavily camouflaged mule appeared on the internet. Nothing could be said about it except its sheer size, but keen eyes have already spotted a vertical headlight arrangement. Not only does it look similar to the Kia EV9, but it also resembles Hyundai’s Seven Concept with its pixel headlamps and daytime running lights.

Concept to production

It is said that the future Ioniq 9 will heavily borrow from that concept, in the same way, that the Ioniq 6 borrowed its streamlined shape from the Prophecy EV Concept. The inside shouldn’t be as bonkers as the concept.

A YouTuber spotted the covered prototype in an underground car park. From what we can see, the interior of the future Ioniq 9 takes cues from the Ioniq 5 and 6.

In the video, we can see similar door cards and seat designs. Regarding seats, the prototype features two captain seats on the second row, identical to the Kia EV9. Like the Kia, it’s not unlikely that the Hyundai will feature a 6-seater and 7-seater configuration.

E-GMP platform

While the Kia EV9 and Hyundai Ioniq 9 will share the same E-GMP platform, their overall shape – we can’t see much more than a shape due to the camouflage – is different. The Ioniq 9 is as long and wide, but it seems to feature a sloping roofline and more rounded general shapes.

Under that body, the Ioniq 9 will benefit from the Hyundai/Kia Group’s 800-volt E-GMP modular platform. This will give it fast-charging capabilities and different motor and power configurations.

Judging from the Kia’s specs, the Hyundai’s range-topping version should have all-wheel drive, a 99,8-kWh battery, 385 hp, and a range exceeding 500 km. An RWD entry version should also be available.

The electric Hyundai Ioniq 9 should be launched in 2024 /Hyundai

Not much is known yet about the Hyundai Ioniq 9’s launch dates. Korean Car Blog is talking about a reveal in early 2024, while other rumors are talking about an estimated production in the first half of 2024.


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