Sixth bike fair Bike Brussels is coming up

From Friday 22 to Sunday 24 March, Tour & Taxis will host the sixth edition of the bike fair Bike Brussels. In the event location’s ‘Gare Maritime, ‘ more than 150 exhibitors will guide cycling enthusiasts through the latest innovations in the sector, recent accessories that can come in handy for a trip on two wheels, and just about all the information you need to engage in cycle tourism in your region or abroad.

Bike Brussels aims to promote the daily use of bicycles and facilitate bicycle travel. Consequently, visitors at the 20,000 square meter trade fair will be able to choose suitable cycling equipment for any weather and discover and test the different types of bikes, from e-bikes and cargo bikes to longtails.

Half a kilometer indoor test track

“We have built an indoor test track of almost half a kilometer. Everyone can try out the bike of their dreams,” says Etienne Bertrand, general manager of the fair, which will include bike manufacturers and dealers.

The Belgian Cycle Logistics Federation (BCLF) will also be present. Last October, BLCF presented the first Barometer of the bicycle logistics sector. This showed that the number of delivered parcels tripled between 2020 and 2022, from 250,000 to 850,000. The number of full-time equivalents engaged in bicycle freight delivery doubled over the same period, from 50 to 108.

The rise of bicycle logistics

The BCLF expects this growth to continue at the same pace in the coming years due to the increasing number of restrictions on motorized traffic in cities, such as zone 30, low-emissions zones of pedestrian zones, and the need for a sustainable means of transport considering the boom in e-commerce.

“More and more small jobs, such as window cleaners and locksmiths are equipping themselves with cargo bikes or bike trailers for their daily activities,” Bike Brussels says.

BCLF calls for a structural shift from last-mile deliveries to bike deliveries. In urban environments, at least one in three professional deliveries can be made by bike. Cargo bikes and trailers can carry up to 200 kg.

13,000 visitors

Bike Brussels is organized in collaboration with the City of Brussels, the Brussels Capital Region, and cycling associations, three parties increasingly committed to promoting cycling in Brussels.

In this context, it is regrettable that the cargo bike premiums are temporarily unavailable. Until the end of January last year, as part of the Cairgo Bike project in Brussels, you could also receive a premium of up to 4,000 euros for the purchase of a cargo bike or bike trailer to go to customers or make deliveries and contribute to better air quality in the capital at the same time.

Every day, 16,000 trucks and 26,000 vans drive through the Region. Where they only represent 10% of the traffic, they’re accountable for 30% of traffic-related air pollution. Last year, the fair attracted 13,000 visitors. Tickets, at 10 euros, and more info can be found at


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