Alfa Romeo Milano is brand’s first EV

Italian carmaker Alfa Romeo has lifted the veil on the new Milano. The small crossover is the brand’s first-ever EV, and it’s offered in two guises with power ranging from 156 to 240 hp. Both versions share the same 54-kWh battery, offering 410 km of range.

That being said, like its numerous brothers from the Stellantis family, the Milano will also be available with a 1,2-litre mild-hybrid powertrain.

“Welcome back”

These days, it seems that every brand in the Stellantis motherhouse is being told by management: “Here’s our modular platform. Do what you want, but don’t spend too much.” Alfa Romeo’s response is this new Milano. It’s a milestone for the Italian carmaker as it is its first-ever electric car. However, it’s also a comeback to the B segment for Alfa.

We all know the drill by now. The new Milano sits on the eCMP platform and shares most, if not all, of its powertrains with the Jeep Avenger, Fiat 600e, Opel Mokka, Peugeot e2008, and DS 3, to name but a few. Under the floor, a 54-kWh battery powers a 156-hp electric motor on the front axle. According to Alfa Romeo, the range is 410 km.

At 4.1 m long, the Alfa Romeo Milano also marks the brand’s comeback to the B segment. /Alfa Romeo


There’s also a Veloce version, which is powered by a 240-hp electric motor at the front. Same as the Abarth 600e, that motor features an electronic limited-slip differential, and the chassis has been tuned for performance.

Moreover, Alfa Romeo says that all Milano’s chassis have been tuned by the team that developed the Giulia GTA. The small crossover should therefore be more enjoyable on the road than its brothers from other mothers. Let’s hope so.

EV…and ICE!

In true Stellantis fashion, the Milano goes for a multi-powertrain option. Therefore, it might be Alfa’s first-ever EV…but it’s also available with a petrol engine. In “Ibrida” form, the Milano is powered by a mild-hybrid 1,2-litre 3-cylinder petrol engine, mated to a 6-speed dual-clutch transmission.

This version produces up to 136 hp, but, most impressively, Alfa Romeo announces that it’s the only powertrain option available with the Q4 all-wheel drive with automated rear axle management.

The Alfa Romeo Milano is available in two EV versions and one mild-hybrid variant. /Alfa Romeo

Style to stand out

Those similar construction blocs are here draped by Alfa Romeo’s design team. The result is a bold, 4,1-m long, 1,5-m tall crossover with a strong stance. Overhangs are short and the Milano features large and redesigned cloverleaf wheels. At the front, the famous ‘scudetto’ grill is reimagined, made out of the perforated logo on the Veloce version, and the Alfa Romeo script is shown in others.

The three-light signature is updated at the front – sort of forming a C and giving it a whiff of Renault Captur – and at the back. The Milano’s rear stands tall and wide, but the rear window finishes in a spoiler-like lip that gives the crossover the look of an SUV-Coupé.

Motherhouse’s parts bin

Inside, the new Milano tries and takes cues from recent Alfa Romeos, like the round air vents and the telescope surrounding the dials. However, nothing can hide the fact that most of the inside is made from parts shared with other Peugeots, Opels, and Fiats.

Inside, the new Milano takes cues from other Alfa Romeos. /Alfa Romeo

There’s a 10.25-inch instrument cluster and a 10.25-inch infotainment display, which sits rather low compared to the Tonale. The start button is now situated on the center console, alongside other switches from Peugeot. Unlike in the Fiat 600e or Jeep Avenger, there doesn’t seem to be any large bin with an iPad-like cover.

Finally, Alfa Romeo says that the boot is “class-leading” at 400 liters. It’s not bad, but the Peugeot 2008 does better. Maybe ‘class-leading’ means something different in Italian. Thankfully, there’s a ‘Frunk’ with space for the charging cables.


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