Is the Battista Reversario the world’s most exclusive EV?

The Pininfarina Battista is already one of the most exclusive EVs on the planet, but the one-off Reversario ups the stakes. This bespoke all-electric hypercar was commissioned by a customer who wanted to add a stablemate to the one he already had.

As typical for the hyper exclusive category, it can never be exclusive enough, opening the door—and the window of possibilities—for special editions. The Battista, Pininfarina’s take on the Rimac C-Two, was granted a dedicated run of an anniversary edition to celebrate Pininfarina’s 90th birthday. Only five of them left Pininfarina’s workshop.

Upside down badge

It was called ‘Anniversario’ in the beautiful Italian language and featured a bi-tone bodywork with grey (Grigio Antonelliano) on the lower section and white (Bianco Sestriere) above. Inspired by the Yin and Yang theme, one customer decided to add a second Battista to his collection. This time, white would be on the underbody and grey above, mirroring the color scheme from the anniversary in typical Yin and Yang fashion. Its name? The Reversario – a blend of ‘Reversed’ and ‘Anniversario’.

Pininfarina honored the idea by providing a badge with the name visualized upside down.

Building upon the idea, one might expect a roaring V12 as the antidote for the Battista’s electric driveline. But here, the reversing trend ends. Just like any Battista, the Reversario features a T-shaped battery pack with a capacity of 120kWh and a four-motor set-up. So, its peak power remains 1,877 hp with torque at 2,300 newton metres, capable of hitting 100 km/h from a standstill in a blistering 1.79 seconds.

“Never be separated”

The price and the buyer’s identity have not been made public. However, given the on-off character, it should be north of the 2.9 million euro price tag that is stuck on the Anniversario editions.

On exclusivity, the press release states: “The twins are complete and total perfection that the automotive world has never achieved. Not only do they have legacy and pedigree, where they bear the name and indelible mark of the world’s greatest car designer, but they also complement each other as mirror images. The twins are and forever will be associated with love perfected. The twins can never be separated because they are truly unified in design.” It sounds expensive because this car is expensive, of course.


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