Lease bike as popular as a lease car among employees

Of Belgian employees who can choose to convert part of their traditional cash remuneration into another benefit via a cafeteria plan of flexible remuneration, 13% opt for a bicycle.

According to an analysis by SD Worx of almost 100,000 employees, this is the first time that as many employees have chosen a bicycle as a car (or a combination of both).

Age plays a role

The various annual SD Worx surveys clearly show that the bicycle is on a steep rise in popularity among employees. In 2019, the bicycle still ranked 9th among the most popular choices. In 2022, it climbed to fifth place, and this year, the bike overtakes the car as 13% opt for the bank via the employer (in other words, a conscious choice for one in eight employees), a percentage proportional to that of the employee who chooses the car.

“It allows you to take a smaller car model and combine it with the more expensive bike you are looking forward to, or something else altogether, such as a parking pass at the station or an e-scooter,” says SD Worx. “What one chooses does depend on the age stage. It allows the employer to pursue an age-conscious personnel policy. After all, each age has different needs.”

The increased bicycle allowance and the arrival on the market of popular models such as the e-bike and speed pedelecs for commuting undoubtedly also contribute to the increased interest in cycling.


Other popular choices are reimbursement of individual pension savings (20%) and purchase of extra holidays (19%). However, multimedia success, such as a smartphone upgrade or an extra laptop, is also on the rise. Supplementary health insurance (10%) falls just out of the top five, while hospitalization insurance with extra coverage for the family is chosen by 5%.

For the employer, the cafeteria plan or flexible remuneration is budget neutral. In this way, the employer can offer a package of benefits within a constant wage cost (via a bonus or, e.g., the budget of the 13th month), such as indeed a company bicycle.

In Belgium, over 1.7 million workers are eligible for a flexible pay package.


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