Engie to invest €4 billion in energy transition in Belgium

French Energy provider Engie plans to invest four billion euros by 2030 to accelerate Belgium’s energy transition. The company mainly wants to invest in new green energy production. It intends to expand its green energy capacity in the coming years from about 700 megawatts today to 2,000 to a maximum of 2,500 megawatts by 2030.

In addition to extending the lifespan of two nuclear reactors, plans are made for new wind and battery parks. Building many wind turbines on land is incredibly challenging due to the permit process, which sometimes takes more than seven years. According to the newly appointed Engie CEO, Vincent Verbeke, “the rules should be simpler”.

Offshore wind

Engie also wants to become more important in offshore wind. Today, the company only has a limited share in the SeaMade wind farm. Through Ocean Winds, a joint venture with the Portuguese EDP, Verbeke aims for a concession in the new Princess Elisabeth zone, which the government wants to open to wind farms.

Engie aims for 5,000 to 6,000 MW of flexible activities, including 1,000 MW of flexibility the group wants to achieve from its customers. For example, home batteries or smart control of large power consumers can help smooth out electricity production and consumption peaks.

Low-carbon gas

But we won’t get there by making electricity greener,” says Verbeke. There is also a need for the greening of natural gas through, for example, biomethane and e-methane.” Verbeke assumes that more low-carbon gases, including from France, will be imported in the coming years as an alternative to natural gas.

The CEO emphasizes that Engie is doing everything possible to prepare the two youngest nuclear power stations (Doel 4 and Tihange 3) to produce more electricity for ten years.


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