New Lancia Ypsilon has arrived in the Belux

With Lancia’s comeback in the Benelux, Stellantis is introducing three premium brands. The new fully electric version (a mild hybrid follows later) can be ordered now in Belgium for € 34,500.

According to Milosz Tomanek, the Vice President of premium brands at Stellantis Belux and the MD of Lancia, Lancia is the epitome of Italian elegance, whereas Alfa Romeo stands for sportiness and DS  for French luxury. “One could say that Lancia is the Italian way of being DS,” Tomanek says.

EV from  € 34,500 onward

The fully electric version of the new Lancia Ypsilon can be ordered at the 6 already existing dealers in Belgium. By the end of the year, there will be nine showrooms in Belgium and one in Luxembourg.

The already well-equipped base version of the Ypsilon will be offered at € 34,500, while the more lavishly equipped LX sells at € 37,500. The limited edition (1,906 units, 1906 being Lancia’s birth year) launch model Cassina costs € 39,000.

By the end of the year, a mild hybrid version with a 100 hp three-cylinder petrol engine will also be available, starting at € 24,000. In financial renting, the car will be offered for a monthly fee of € 229 for the mild hybrid and € 329 for the EV (wall box at home included).

Lancia savior

In its 39 years of existence, the small Lancia Ypsilon has sold more than 3 million times since the (then-called) Y10 saw the light in 1985. During the very difficult years when Lancia was only available in the Italian home market, the small car saved the brand from extinction.

In 2021, Stellantis boss Tavares asked Luca Napolitano to revive the brand and create a completely new, electrified premium brand. The new Ypsilon EV is the first to come on the market and is proportionally and technically the same as the recently updated Peugeot e-208. It has a 115 kW/156 hp electromotor and a battery pack large enough (51 kWh) to offer 403 km of range according to the WLTP standard.

Next year, an HF sportier version will be available with 176 kW/240 hp, similar to the driveline of the oncoming Fiat 600e Abarth. In 2026, Lancia will launch a fully electric, compact SUV called Gamma, and in 2028, the famous Delta name will appear again as a mid-sized Lancia sedan.

Why Belux?

After recently being launched in its homeland, Italy, the Ypsilon will first come to the Benelux. We asked Tomasz Tomanek what’s so special about our countries.

“In Belgium and Luxembourg there’s a real heritage for Lancia. There’s a large Italian community and Italian design in general is very popular, but also Lancia is not forgotten,’ Tomanek explains.

And he goes further: “In fact, we have no second chance, but I’m convinced we will succeed. The car is distinctive enough and displays all the renowned Lancia virtues in a new electric and luxuriously comfortable form. We address ourselves with this car to the individual car buyer but also to the fleet market.”

“I’m proud to be able to lead this Lancia project, and as a VP for the premium brands of Stellantis in the Belux, I look forward to offering these three different makes on a market that, in my belief, is open to such brands, distinctive in one way or another from their competitors.”

“You know, we don’t want to be present everywhere, and we don’t want to rush things. We’re aiming at a distinct clientele and that’s one that is expecting a premium service experience. That’s why our website experience has to be extremely fine, too. We go for quality, be it online or at the dealer.”

Milosz Tomanek is the VP for the premium makes of Stellantis in the Belux and also MD of the Lancia brand /Stellantis






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