Half of Flanders’ streetlights are already LEDs

Of the approximately 1.2 million streetlights along Flemish roads, some 640,000 have now received LED lighting. By the end of 2028, all streetlights in the Flemish cities and municipalities should have LEDs.

“Switching to LED lamps will provide energy savings of as much as 30% – or 30.876 tons of CO2 – compared to 2015 when LED lighting was introduced,” says Fluvius.

LEDs on all highways by 2026

Fluvius currently converts some 130,000 lighting fixtures a year in Flemish cities and towns, compared to some 100,000 in recent years. The ambition is to have LED lighting in all streetlights managed by Fluvius by the end of 2028, two years ahead of schedule.

In turn, the Roads and Traffic Agency (Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer, AWV) oversees converting the lamps on highways and most regional roads, some 122,000 in total. “Currently, 30% of our portfolio already consists of LED,” says spokesperson Katrien Kiekens. On the highways, 44.5% of the 29,000 lanterns have been addressed, while on the regional roads, it is 26.1% of the 93,000 lamps.

The agency’s ambition is to have the regional roads fully converted to LED lights by the end of this year. For highways, that should be by the end of 2026. “With the conversion, we are aiming for energy savings of at least 35% on our total consumption.” That saving is equivalent to the annual consumption of more than 6,000 households, the Roads and Traffic Agency says.

Finished by 2030 in Wallonia

In Wallonia, some 37,000 of the 600;000 light points in municipalities could be considered redundant and it would be more useful to remove them instead of replacing them with a new LED system. This is according to an analysis by the administration of Environment Minister Céline Tellier (Ecolo).

Since 2020, ORES and RESA, the two main managers of electricity distribution networks in Wallonia, have been replacing these municipal public lighting fixtures. An operation that must last ten years for ORES and six years for RESA.


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