Bricklin 3EV: extravagant but affordable electric three-wheeler

The Bricklin 3EV is a new and extravagant vehicle sprouted from the mind of American businessman Malcolm Bricklin and his company Visionary Vehicles. It is a front-wheel-drive, three-wheeled electric car with body-on-frame construction and a mid-mounted battery.

Malcolm Bricklin is mainly known for the SV-1, a strange gullwing-door coupé that has been dubbed one of the biggest flops in the automotive industry.

‘Superb performance’

Bricklin is back, for better or for worse, with a new revolutionary vehicle. The 85-year-old American businessman has created a new company called Visionary Vehicles and will produce the 3EV. Apart from the coupé shape and the doors opening upward, the 3EV bears no resemblance to the failure that was the 1970s SV-1.

The new Bricklin 3EV is a three-wheeled, front-wheel-drive, electric coupé. That’s all we know for now, as technical details are scarce. On its website, Visionary Vehicles describes the 3EV as “eco-mobility transportation with superb performance and a luxurious driving experience”, whatever that means.

The Bricklin 3EV has a mid-mounted battery, giving it +275 miles of range /Visionary Vehicles

+440 km range

Visionary Vehicles also informs that the Bricklin 3EV has been engineered in collaboration with race car designers, such as Panoz Engineering and MTV Concepts. Its body-on-frame construction is somewhat different, as are the two wheels at the front and one at the back configuration.

The battery is located between the frame rails for better weight distribution. However, we know its location… but not its size. Visionary Vehicles announces “more than 275 miles of range”, which translates to +442 km.

Prototype close to production

The Bricklin 3EV shown here might only be a prototype; Malcolm Bricklin drives it daily to iron out all its little issues. The mule already showcases a fully equipped interior, with a backlit dashboard and a center touch-screen for the infotainment. Furthermore, there’s a head-up display, over-the-air software updates, and heated seats.

Inside, the Bricklin 3EV features a backlit dashboard and all the amenities of a modern car /Visionary Vehicles

Nowadays, it’s fair to say these features are nothing mind-blowing. However, they show that this Bricklin 3EV is not just a hastily half-assembled show car to wow the crowds.

Moreover, Malcolm Bricklin proudly talks about an “affordable electric coupé”. The Bricklin 3EV is marketed on the company’s website at $28,980, or $38,980 for the long-range upgraded 3EVX version.

That being said, there’s a catch. No production date, numbers, or delivery dates are mentioned. Therefore, only the future will tell us if Malcolm Bricklin has created a masterpiece or if it’ll be like the SV-1 all over again…


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