Flemish provinces launch joint cycling website ‘fietsbarometer.be’

The five Flemish provincial governments have launched ‘fietsbarometer.be’, a website offering all information on cycling data.

With the site, they want to map all existing and future cycling initiatives and gain better insight into the cost of investments in cycling infrastructure and road safety.

Four themes

On the website, you can choose from four themes: bicycle infrastructure, bicycle counts, bicycle safety, and user research. Each theme has an overview of all projects on that theme. If you click on a project, you will be directed to that project’s website.

For example, you can search for the number of cycling accidents in your municipality or province. Or what the hotspots are in a province. The bicycle barometer also counts bicycle movements so you can find out the busiest cycle paths, at least if equipped with a counting system.

On 24 May, for example, Mercator Street in Antwerp was the busiest bike path in Flanders with over 175,000 bike movements followed by Reder Street in Leuven with a good 133,000 bike movements.

F3 most popular in Flemish Brabant

Flemish Brabant, in turn, counted 3,166,373 bicycle movements with 17 counters last year, down 6% compared to 2022. However, the average number of bicycle movements per day at the measuring point on the F3 in Wilsele, the most popular route in Flemish Brabant, has more than doubled since 2012.

In other words, the site is highly recommended for anyone looking for info on the Flemish population’s travel behavior (and not only on a bike). It is also the right place to map out a route by bike in your province or in a place you don’t know yet.


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