Pre-orders open for Stelato S9 in China

The big Stelato S9 luxury sedan, which debuted at the Beijing Auto Show in April, is now available to pre-order in China. Its domestic launch will take place in the coming months.

The Stelato S9, BAIC BluePark’s and Huawei’s first jointly built electric model, promises an 800 km range. Pre-sales started in China on 31 May, and prices range between 450,000 and 550,000 yuan, which converts to approximately 57,000 to 70,000 euros. According to a recent report from CarNewsChina, the Stelato S9’s official market launch will occur in August.

The car looks quite similar to Chery-Huawei’s Luxeed S7, but it’s a much bigger car. It measures 5,160 mm in length(+189 mm), 1,987 mm in width (+24 mm), and 1,486 mm in height (+12 mm) and has a 3,050 mm (+100 mm) wheelbase.

BAIC BluePark says it can fully benchmark with the Mercedes-Benz S-Class with a long wheelbase and the BMW 7 Series LWB in terms of interior space.

RWD and AWD, 800 km range

Based on the ‘Turing’ technical vehicle platform, the Stelato S9 will be available in both RWD and AWD variants. The RWD variant has only one electromotor, which produces 227 kW. The AWD variant combines this motor with an additional 158 kW motor located in the front.

There is no word on the battery pack’s chemistry or energy storage capacity. However, according to a recent report from CarNewsChina, at least one of the configurations can travel up to 800 km on a full charge.

Elegant Luxury

The Stelato S9 features an elegant exterior designed to lure classy customers, but it does look a bit quirky on the outside. It has large curvy headlamps connected by a thin light band, a Mercedes EQS-like form, and a Lincoln Continental-style rear end.

Inside, rear passengers can sit in individual seats featuring upholstery with a quilted diamond pattern. Between these seats, there’s a large, hinged center console with a control display and storage box built into it.

One of the Stelato S9’s main highlights is supposed to be its high safety. LiDAR enhances the car’s understanding of the road ahead. Huawei’s ADS 3.0 includes various advanced driver assistance functions to make driving easier and safer. For example, customers can use Navigation Cruise Assist (NCA) from parking space to parking space, CarNewsChina said in a report detailing ADS 3.0.

Huawei has developed the first high-precision 4D millimeter wavelength radar in China, allowing better vision range (up to 35%), greater accuracy (4 times), and faster response. This has been possible thanks to 4T4R waveguide antennas and ultra-wideband to improve both target detection and environmental modeling capabilities.


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