Mercedes-Benz to deploy 400 kW fast charging in US

Mercedes-Benz is accelerating its electric vehicle infrastructure plans with a new deployment of cutting-edge charging technology from supplier Alpitronic. The German carmaker already collaborates with the provider for its branded high power charging (HPC) network, but the announced charging points offer up to 400 kW peak power.

Alpitronic is Mercedes’ partner for the rollout of its HPC program. By the decade’s end, the collaboration is eyeing over 2,000 branded charging parks and over 10,000 fast-charging points worldwide. The partnership opened its first hubs in Germany with an Ionity-rivaling peak charging of 300 kW.

2,500 DC chargers by 2030

In North America, where the German automaker has already established 100,000 charging points, the stakes have increased with the addition of 400 kW chargers. It should be noted that currently, no electric Mercedes models can charge at such peaks, but the implementation illustrates the technological road map ahead.

The 400 kW EV fast chargers from Alpitronic, an Italian firm, will be locally produced in the US (Wisconsin) and are part of Mercedes’ broader $1 billion investment in North American charging infrastructure. The chargers will be integrated into Mercedes’ HPC charging network.

Last year, the automaker opened its first branded charging hub in North America near its US headquarters outside Atlanta. By 2030, it plans to install 2,500 DC fast chargers.

Compatible with all standards

Offering up to 400 kW of power, Alpitronic’s HYC 400 chargers can simultaneously charge two EVs at 200 kW each. These chargers support various output voltages and are compatible with multiple charging port standards, including CCS1, CC2, and NACS cables.

The first HYC 400 chargers will be installed at Mercedes-Benz hubs in the third quarter of 2024. There’s no info on a rollout in Europe, but as both companies are rooted in the region, it seems a matter of time.

Andrew Cornelia, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz High-Power Charging, said: “To unlock this next era of charging, we must bridge the gap in quality, and that starts with the customer’s experience at the charger. We’re proud to partner with Alpitronic, which has designed a best-in-class product with some of the fastest charging speeds available.”

Mercedes-Benz is also a member of a consortium of seven carmakers, including BMW, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, and Stellantis, that aims to build a fast-charging network with at least 30,000 charging points across North America. This consortium, named IONNA, will be based in Durham, North Carolina.


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