Audi launches sportier and more powerful E-tron GT

Audi is following the slipstream of the recently facelifted Porsche Taycan and unveiling an updated version of its all-electric sports car, the E-Tron GT. The new version boasts enhanced range, sharper performance, and faster charging capabilities to align with the advancements seen in its Porsche Taycan counterpart.

The E-Tron GT was introduced in 2021 as Audi’s flagship electric sports car. Thanks to Porsche, which donated the Taycan technology, the Ingolstadt-based carmaker managed to stay ahead of rivals BMW and Mercedes, which have yet to launch an emission-free sports model.

The E-Tron GT hasn’t been as successful as its sibling at Porsche. Last year, Taycan found 1,371 customers in Belgium (EU: 19,189 units), while Audi managed 250 units (EU: 5,720 units).

Three is a crowd

A new line-up, introducing three variants, must ensure that the sales gap between the two sister models does not widen further. The E-Tron will be available as S, RS GT, and RS GT Performance.

Each variant features an all-wheel drive with an electric motor on each axle. The front axle motor delivers 176 kW in both the S and RS models. In the RS E-Tron GT Performance, the front motor is upgraded with modified power electronics (a revised pulse inverter for higher discharge currents).

A newly developed permanent synchronous motor on the rear axle in the RS versions uses components from the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) like the rotor. PPE was introduced on the Audi Q6 E-Tron and the new Porche Macan. The upgrade enhances efficiency and power.

The RS GT Performance accelerates from 0 to 100 kph in just 2.5 seconds, making it one of Audi’s most powerful models. The updated battery, featuring new cells with improved chemistry, increases the gross energy content to 105 kWh, with 97 kWh usable, extending the WLTP range to 609 kilometers.

Advanced charging capabilities

Audi has also improved its charging capabilities further. Like the newest Porsche Taycan, the updated models can now charge at a peak power of 320 kW, reducing the charging time from 10% to 80% to 18 minutes under optimal conditions.

The temperature range for maintaining high performance has also been expanded, allowing the e-tron GT to achieve high charging speeds at lower temperatures. An optional 22 kW charger is available for AC charging, complementing the standard 11 kW option.

The e-tron GT’s chassis has been refined to better balance ride comfort and driving dynamics. A new air suspension system with two-chamber, two-valve technology allows precise regulation of rebound and compression stages. Only the RS GT Performance features a ‘performance’ mode for racetracks.

The design changes are subtle. The S benefits from a body-colored paint strip above the single-frame grille, while the RS versions sport a black mask and the typical RS honeycomb structure.

The GT Performance has unique design elements, building upon a carbon theme. The interior includes redesigned seats, steering wheel, and door sill trims, while Audi introduces new fabrics with recycled polyester content.


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