New Fiat Panda is Citroën C3 with an Italian twist

Fiat has officially revealed the fourth-generation Fiat Panda, aptly named the Grande Panda. It ventures back into European showrooms with a blending style of off-road and retro borrowed from the concept car from earlier this year.

Obviously, the latest iteration boasts an entirely new look and will offer electric powertrain options and a mild hybrid. The model must help strengthen Fiat’s image in the small car segment, which faces severe headwinds over costly emissions and safety regulations.

The Grande Panda shares the Stellantis low-cost Smart Car platform with the recently launched Citroën ë-C3 and C3. Initially designed for developing countries, this platform is gradually finding its way into established markets, as it functions as a sound base for affordable electric mobility.

Fiat hasn’t released complete details, but there’s little reason to doubt that the new Panda will offer the same powertrain options as the C3, including a 44 kWh battery pack and a 33 kWh option as an entry-level version. A 1.2-liter three-cylinder turbo gasoline engine assisted by mild hybrid technology will also be available.

Nod to the past

Fiat has ensured that the Grande Panda retains the blocky, retro proportions that pay homage to the original 1980s Panda we’ve grown accustomed to. The design includes prominent Panda branding along its sides, chunky front skid plates, roof rails, and black lower-body cladding, emphasizing its “utility vehicle” attitude.

The vehicle’s pixel-style headlights draw inspiration from Fiat’s historic Lingotto factory in Turin. How? Well, it’s supposed to reflect the windows’ theme of the building.

Despite these retro nods, the Grande Panda features several modern enhancements. The new model has grown to a length of 3.99 meters, which is slightly longer than its predecessor but still compact compared to the segment average. While a four-wheel-drive version has not been confirmed—a classic within the Panda range—it would match the rugged style well.

Inside, the Grande Panda offers a cabin that comfortably seats five passengers, making it suitable for young families. Despite its compact size, the interior is designed to maximize space and comfort, according to Fiat.

Celebrating Fiat’s anniversary

Next to families, Fiat CEO Olivier Francois added that the new model is designed to appeal to urban dwellers. “The best way to celebrate Fiat’s 125th anniversary is to write the first new chapter of our future. We start with the Grande Panda. Designed at our Centro Stile in Turin, it embodies the values of its predecessor,” said Francois.

Fiat’s vision includes launching a new model in the Panda family every year until 2027. These models will all be built on the STLA Smart architecture, enabling Fiat to cater to global markets and customer needs. So, the new Panda is no longer a single model but a whole range. More details about the model will be released at a later date.


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