New Kia EV4 spied on video confirms concept looks

Kia is preparing to launch its new, cost-effective EV4, slated for next year. The car has already been unveiled as a concept, and final testing versions popping up in South Korean videos hint at how the production version sticks closely to the ‘wild’ form factor of the show car.

As anticipation builds for the official debut, the Kia EV4 has been spotted during testing, offering a sneak peek at its unique rear-end design in a recently released video. The new electric hatchback is Kia’s answer to the sleek Ioniq 6 from its mother company, Hyundai. It was unveiled last October as part of a line-up of affordable electric vehicles.

Catering global markets

The aim is to provide various options for budget-conscious consumers looking to switch to electric. Following the EV3, which was officially revealed earlier this year, the EV4 will cater to global markets with hatchback looks but in a non-conformistic way.

A new video by ShortsCar offers a closer look at the EV4’s design, particularly its peculiar rear end. The footage shows vertical taillights and a rear spoiler, emphasizing a design that blends sportiness and a long boot.

Furthermore, the EV4 is expected to feature Kia’s latest software and connectivity technology, including the next-generation ccNC infotainment system with dual 12.3-inch screens introduced already on the EV3. It’s doubtful whether the EV4 will use the fast charging 800-volt network, as cheaper new electric Kia’s, like the EV5, have switched to 400 volts.

Kia describes the EV4 as an “entirely new type of EV sedan,” aiming to push boundaries—though the looks are more hatchback-like. The EV4 is expected to compete indirectly with the Tesla Model 3 and the Ioniq 6.

The EV4’s starting prices are anticipated to be around $35,000 (€32,600). It will initially roll out in South Korea before expanding to Europe and the US.

Pricing might prove crucial

The price ticker is significantly lower than the Hyundai 6, starting at 50,499 euros. The price of the EV4 might prove crucial for its commercial success in Belgium. Compared to its technical and slightly more expensive SUV twin, the Ioniq 5, the latter sells three times better. Belgium had 245 units of the Ioniq 6 last year, compared to 951 for the Ioniq 5.

Kia’s strategic push into the affordable EV market doesn’t stop with the EV4. The new line-up also includes the EV5 mentioned above, launched in China last November, with prices starting at around $20,000 (€18,635). The EV5, a compact electric SUV, is positioned to compete with the Tesla Model Y. The EV5 isn’t yet available in Europe.


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