Polestar 3 range expands with RWD entry-level version

As Polestar delivers its first three models to customers, it also introduces a more affordable version of its electric SUV. This new variant, the Long Range Single Motor, aims to intensify the model’s chances against the Tesla Model X or Porsche Macan EV.

It’s been a long time coming, but Polestar has finally commenced deliveries of the 3. The units are built on two continents, with Chengdu, China, having kicked off the launch, followed by the factory in South Carolina during the summer. Its technical twin, the Volvo EX90, is assembled at both plants. Both nameplates had to cope with delays due to software problems.

From one to three models

Deliveries have commenced in Sweden, Germany, Norway, and the US, demonstrating Polestar’s rapid global deployment strategy. This year will be crucial for the Swedish-Chinese manufacturer, as it will face headwinds over electric adoption by multiplying its range from a single model, the 2, to a threesome. The Polestar 4 was also launched this year, while the brand also announced a new update of the 2 earlier this year, featuring a new entry-level battery pack.

To further boost sales, Polestar is now also expanding the range of the 3 with an entry-level version. The new Long Range Single Motor intends to woo customers with an impressive range of 650 kilometers, according to WLTP, although it is only 19 kilometers more than the Dual Motor. It can be ordered as of today at a starting price of 79,800 euros.

Polestar’s new version is powered by the same 111 kWh battery as the dual motor models, and its fast charging capabilities allow 10% to 80% battery replenishment in just 30 minutes. By axing the front e-motor, power delivery drops to 220 kW (299 PS) compared to 360 kW (489 PS) for the comparable dual-range versions – the Performance version is pushed to 517 PS.

“Focused driving dynamics”

CEO Thomas Ingenlath commented: “The rear-wheel drive configuration fits with our performance-focused driving dynamics that make the car stand out in the luxury SUV sector.” As Polestar aims to be the dynamic and sporty alter ego of the Volvo EX90, chasing German beefed-up premium SUVs, it’s worth noting that the acceleration times have been influenced quite dramatically. While the dual motor reaches 0-100 kilometers in 5.0 seconds, the Long Range Single Motor needs 7.8 seconds. It’s not slow, but it’s not sporty either.

Polestar offers various packs for the entry-level version, which allows customers to tailor their vehicles to their preferences. Technologically, the most exciting upgrade is the Pilot Pack with LiDAR (€ 5,000), which creates a 3D image of the car’s surroundings to support the driving assistants. It’s the most advanced radar in the automotive industry so far, significantly enhancing performance in complex weather like rain, darkness, or twilight.


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