Energy Institute: ‘World burned more fossil fuels than ever’

June 21, 2024

Demand for fossil fuels has never been as high as in 2023. Demand for oil and coal, in particular, pushed the consumption of fossil fuels to unprecedented heights. As a result, never before have so many greenhouse gases been emitted. Last year, they increased by 2%, exceeding 40 gigatons of CO2 for the first time. […]

UN study: ‘80% of people worldwide fear devastating effect climate change’

June 20, 2024

80% of the world’s population is increasingly concerned about the devastating effects of climate change and wants more action on climate. This is according to a major survey, the biggest ever standalone public opinion survey on climate change, by the UN development agency UNDP and Oxford University. The call is especially strongest in the poorest […]

Belgium signs clean energy agreements with Norway

June 19, 2024

On Tuesday, the Flemish and Belgian governments signed energy agreements with Norway to bring Norwegian wind energy to Belgium and store CO2 from Belgian industry in Norway. Princess Astrid of Belgium leads a Belgian delegation to discuss energy transition, circular economy, life sciences, and design. The joint statement on energy cooperation in the North Sea […]

106 new electric buses for Brussels from summer

June 17, 2024

The first new electric buses ordered by Brussels public transport operator MIVB/STIB from German manufacturer Daimler Buses will be in service from July. This is reported by the newspapers La Capital and Le Soir. A total of 106 e-buses are involved. With this order, MIVB/STIB intends to replace its diesel models under the Euro-5 and […]

Drones transport chemical samples in Antwerp Port

June 14, 2024

Petrochemical analysis samples can now be transported by drone from the Antwerp port area to a laboratory. The innovative project by SGS, German chemical giant BASF, and ADLC was launched to make port operations more efficient and reduce the environmental impact of transporting analysis samples. According to SGS, a Swiss multinational specializing in inspections and […]

Safran opens new aircraft engine maintenance facility in Brussels

June 12, 2024

At Brussels Airport, the new building of Safran Aircraft Engine Services, a French aircraft engine maintenance company, has been officially inaugurated. The building, which cost 24 million euros to build, measures 8,500 m² and is carbon-neutral thanks to its use of 100% renewable energy. By 2027, the site will employ 220 new workers. The new […]

NTU-study: ‘Air pollution accounts for 135 million deaths in 40 years’

June 11, 2024

According to Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU), air pollution can be linked to about 135 million premature deaths between 1980 and 2020. This is according to a study published in the journal Environment International. These deaths would be caused by airborne PM2.5, particulate matter from vehicles, industrial emissions, and natural sources such as fires or […]

IEA: ‘Clean energy investment this year will be twice the amount for fossil fuels’

June 10, 2024

According to the latest edition of International Energy Agency’s annual World Energy Investment report, global investment in clean energy is set to reach almost double the amount going to fossil fuels in 2024, despite pressures on financing. Total energy investment worldwide is expected to exceed $3 trillion in 2024 for the first time, with some […]

IATA sceptical about flying on 5% SAF by 2030

June 05, 2024

The target of 5% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) by 2030 is extremely ambitious, according to IATA, the International Airline Association. Nevertheless, IATA remains committed to its target of net zero emissions by 2050, although its chairman, Willie Walsh, clearly states that it “is not going to promise to achieve something that does not seem possible […]

Euro 2024: teams can cut emissions by 60% if they avoid flying

June 04, 2024

The European Football Championship is coming up, but whether the football tournament will also be ‘Wunderbar’ from an ecological point of view remains to be seen. Although Euro 2024 bills itself as ‘the greenest ever’, football teams could also set a good example by, for example, traveling more sustainably and avoiding flying whenever possible. Greenest […]

Towards nearly 5 billion air passengers

June 04, 2024

Airlines expect to carry almost five billion passengers worldwide this year, a new record, according to figures from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). This would smash the record set in 2019 before the coronavirus crisis. Airlines also expect to fly 30.5 billion dollars in profits this year, on revenues of 996 billion dollars. Previous […]

ArcelorMittal Ghent to capture CO2 and €600 million from Flanders

May 22, 2024

Engineers at ArcelorMittal have launched a pilot plant in Ghent to capture CO2. The plant in Ghent is the first of its kind in the European steel industry. It is an important step toward greening the polluting steel industry. For all that, the Flemish government is raising support for the steel company from 350 to […]

‘Transport sector hinders Belgium to achieve climate targets’

May 22, 2024

Belgium will probably not achieve the agreed European environmental targets for CO2 emissions and green energy, although there are differences per sector. The transport sector, in particular, is finding it difficult to transition away from fossil fuels. These are the conclusions of research by the Federal Planning Bureau. The European Commission imposes targets for 2030 […]

Belgian Elicio wins world’s first floating offshore wind tender

May 21, 2024

The consortium between Ostend-based wind energy producer Elicio and renewable energy developer and solutions provider BayWa r.e. has won a tender to build the world’s first commercial floating wind farm off the coast of France. Elicio won the tender process, initiated in 2021 for an offshore floating wind project with a capacity between 230 and […]

Record profits seduce Eurostar to order up to 50 new trains

May 16, 2024

High-speed train operator Eurostar is to thoroughly renew and expand its fleet by ordering up to 50 new trains. It expects to put the first new trains into service in 2030. The HST operator also reached a turnover of 2 billion euros for the first time in 2023, a quarter more than in 2022. It […]

EU’s tougher emission standards for trucks and buses written in stone

May 14, 2024

By 2030, trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles in Europe must reduce their CO2 emissions by 45% from 2019 levels. That threshold will then be raised to 65% by 2035 and 90% by 2040 – the average lifespan of a truck is 18 years, that’s why. The European Parliament had previously approved these new emission standards, […]

Belgian energy-intensive industry emissions down by 10.5%

May 06, 2024

CO2 emissions from major industries and aviation in Belgium fell by more than ten percent last year, the largest drop since the financial crisis. The figure is measured in CO2 equivalents, which convert the impact of all greenhouse gases together into the impact of CO2. The decrease was even more pronounced at the European level, […]

Dubai builds world’s largest airport for 260 million passengers a year

May 03, 2024

With 400 gates, five parallel runways, five passenger terminals, and an area of 70 km², Dubai’s Al Maktoum International Airport is set to become the largest airport in the world. Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, gave the go-ahead for the ambitious construction plans this week. […]

G7 countries reach ‘historical’ agreement to abandon coal by 2035

May 02, 2024

Energy ministers from the Group of Seven (G7) major democracies agreed on Tuesday to end the use of coal in power generation during the first half of the next decade. Still, they gave leeway to Germany and Japan, whose economies depend on the fuel. Germany has written into its legislation a final target to shut […]

Danish DFDS electrifies cross-channel transport

April 29, 2024

Danish shipping and logistics company DFDS, one of Northern Europe’s largest shipping companies, is to deploy a fleet of battery electric vessels on the English Channel. The company reports this in a press release, after meeting with UK Minister for Investment and Regulatory Reform, Lord Dominic Johnson. DFDS’s long-term goal is to have up to […]

Flanders: vehicle tax reform lead to limited drop in CO2 emissions

April 23, 2024

According to a study by the Federal Planning Office, the 2012 reform of the Flemish vehicle registration tax (BIV) led to a faster but small decrease in CO2 emissions from new passenger cars in Flanders. The additional impact of the Flemish reform of the annual circulation tax in 2016 and the premium for emission-free cars, […]

Flemish cities and businesses step up their commitment to part-mobility

April 23, 2024

In Ghent, 63 cities, companies, and property developers have signed a ‘Green Deal for shared mobility’. Through the partnership, the participants commit to providing the necessary places for shared cars and bikes near homes. The ambition is to have 7,000 shared cars and 150,000 car sharers by 2027. Research shows that each shared car replaces […]

T&E: ‘Airlines barely pay for their CO2 emissions in Europe’

April 22, 2024

Low-cost airlines pollute more than ever, the NGO Transport & Environment (T&E) denounces in a new report. All passenger flights taking off in Europe last year emitted as much CO2 as 80 million petrol cars in one year. However, airlines, according to the NGO fighting for more environmentally friendly transport, had to pay for less […]

Hype’s hydrogen taxis are coming to Brussels

April 17, 2024

French company Hype’s hydrogen taxis are coming to Brussels, according to the business newspaper L’Echo. To tackle the market in the Belgian capital, Hype notably acquired a stake in the local taxi company Mol-Tax. The company would also install its green hydrogen stations in Brussels. Second hydrogen taxi project in Brussels From 2025, all new […]

Volvo Cars uses biogas for its first climate-neutral plant in China

April 12, 2024

Volvo Cars’ Taizhou manufacturing plant has switched to biogas, making it Volvo’s first plant in China to achieve climate-neutral status. The plant’s switch from natural gas will result in a reduction of more than 7,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. “Despite being a small share of our total Scope 1-3 emissions of 43 million tons, […]

Stricter EU CO2 standards for buses and trucks

April 12, 2024

The European Parliament has approved stricter CO2 standards for buses and trucks. This includes the requirement that all new buses should be emission-free by 2035 and almost all new trucks by 2040. The European Council still must give the green light, but this is considered a formality. A complete ban on combustion engines for lorries […]

EU recognizes cycling as key element in its mobility strategy

April 04, 2024

The European Union wants to work on improving cycling infrastructure among its member states and wants to make (electric) cycling more attractive. This is stated in the “European Declaration on the Use of Bicycles,” signed by the EU’s three central legislative institutions on Wednesday. “Cycling has numerous benefits: it reduces pollution and traffic congestion and […]

Norwegian electric fleet set to surpass gasoline this year

April 04, 2024

The fuel mix of Norway’s national fleet is nearing a watershed moment. The share of electric cars is poised to eclipse gasoline cars by the end of the year. As a result, fossil fuel sales are also declining. Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are on the verge of outnumbering petrol cars in Norway, signaling a potentially […]

Opposing reactions to new permit for Brussels Airport

April 02, 2024

The granting of Brussels Airport Company’s new environmental permit is provoking opposed reactions. According to the citizen forum Burgerforum Luchthavenregio, the Flemish government has let down the residents of the surrounding municipalities around the airport. The Federal Ombudsman also feels that health and pollution have not been sufficiently considered. The Flemish liberal political party Open […]

Dutch judge condemns KLM for greenwashing ads

March 21, 2024

The court in Amsterdam has condemned KLM for various misleading green claims in advertisements. According to the judges, the Dutch airline painted too rosy a picture of the beneficial effects of, for example, forest projects as CO2 compensation and the use of more sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The ruling states that such measures only marginally […]

UN warns: ‘Planet is on brink of abyss’

March 20, 2024

The period 2014-2023 was the warmest decade on record, exceeding the 1850-1900 average by 1.20°C. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said, “Earth’s issuing a distress call. Fossil fuel pollution is sending climate chaos off the charts.” The planet is on the brink of the abyss, the United Nations warns. Last year, in particular, was the hottest […]

Brussels Airport’s impact: 64,000 jobs and €5.4 billion added value

March 19, 2024

Brussels Airport accounts for 5.41 billion in added value and more than 64,000 jobs. According to a study on the economic impact commissioned by Zaventem Airport, the Universities UAntwerpen and UCLouvain presented these results on Monday. Meanwhile, management and unions at Brussels Airlines also reached an agreement on Monday regarding better pay for cabin crew. […]

Belgian organic farmer sues TotalEnergies over climate change

March 14, 2024

Belgian organic farmer Hugues Falys is taking TotalEnergies to court over the French oil company’s role in climate change. This is the first climate case against a multinational in Belgium. Several human rights and environmental organizations support the case, including Greenpeace and the International Federation for Human Rights. “The climate crisis has a huge impact […]

Northern Netherlands gets 35,000 extra charging points

March 13, 2024

Up to 35,000 public charging points for EVs will be added in the Dutch provinces of Flevoland, North Holland, and Utrecht by 2027. The first charging points could already be on the streets from the middle of this year, according to project agency MRA-Elektrisch, which tendered for 74 municipalities for this purpose. The Netherlands passed […]

Copernicus: ‘this winter was globally warmest on record’

March 07, 2024

According to Copernicus, the Earth Observation component of the European Union’s space program, the last three months have been the hottest worldwide. February was part of a series of nine consecutive monthly records, driven by continued greenhouse gas emissions and the El Niño weather phenomenon. In its latest monthly report, published on Thursday, the European […]

IEA: ‘Energy CO2 emission levels rich countries lowest in 50 years’

March 04, 2024

Last year, the rich countries had the lowest energy CO2 emissions in fifty years. Developed economies benefited from further wind and solar energy growth, swapped coal for gas more often, and saved on energy consumption. In a new report, the International Energy Agency (IEA) points out that countries must help weaker economies because the amount […]

Dégage! wants parking in Ghent more expensive for non-shared cars

February 26, 2024

Share organization Dégage!, with more than 6,000 members, calls in a memorandum for a favorable parking regime in Ghent that encourages people to share their cars. For example, it wants to make parking more expensive for non-shared cars. It also calls for increasing the number of shared cars in the city to 3,000 by 2030. […]

Flanders sees bike paths in good condition increase slightly

February 26, 2024

The number of bicycle paths along regional roads in Flanders that are in excellent or decent condition has increased slightly, by 3,3%, to 63,8%. This is according to the new bicycle paths report of the Agency for Roads and Traffic (Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer, AWV), which gives a picture of about 7,000 km of bicycle […]

Airbus and TotalEnergies enter partnership for SAF

February 22, 2024

European aerospace corporation Airbus and French oil company TotalEnergies are joining forces to address sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) challenges. The partnership should contribute to reducing CO2 emissions from the aviation sector to reach net zero emissions by 2050. Eventually, SAF supplied by TotalEnergies can reduce up to 90% of CO2 emissions over their lifecycle compared […]

CD&V considers phasing out low-emission zones

February 21, 2024

Flanders’ Christian Democratic party CD&V wants to phase out the low-emission zones. That is what party chairman Sammy Mahdi said during a debate at the Automotive eMotion Summit in the Skyhall, the former departure hall of Brussels Airport. According to Mahdi, these zones have proven successful in reducing the amount of air pollution. However, diesel […]

‘Britain exports more polluting used cars than those being scrapped’

February 20, 2024

Researchers from the University of Oxford have discovered that Britain sends more polluting used cars to poorer countries than it does to scrapyards. The study found that legally exported used cars had 53% higher emissions of nitrogen oxides per kilometer  – key health-harming air pollutants – than those that were scrapped instead. It also warned […]

Brussels Airport to install additional 65,000 m2 of solar panels

February 20, 2024

Brussels Airport has started installing additional solar panels on the roofs of the newest Brucargo buildings, the cargo zone of Zaventem’s airport. The extra panels will cover a surface of 65,000 square meters or roughly the equivalent of nine soccer fields. They must double the share of solar energy in the airport operator’s own energy […]

UK sees increased wood burning offset cuts in car pollution data

February 15, 2024

Official figures in the UK from the Environment Department (Defra) show that the increase in wood burners in homes and the use of biomass in industry has offset cuts in pollution from cars. Statistics reveal that polluting particulate matter (PM), a variety of small and toxic substances that can enter the bloodstream and severely impact […]

Budget for social leasing in France already exhausted

February 13, 2024

In France, the social leasing plan, a state measure to give less fortunate people access to an EV for 100 euros a month, has already run out of budget. The scheme is discontinued after more than 50,000 validated orders in six weeks, or almost double what was initially planned. The Elysée Palace announced that the […]

EIB lends Umicore €350 million for EV battery material research

February 08, 2024

The European Investment Bank will grant Belgian Umicore an eight-year loan of 350 million euros for research. The money is intended for the technological development, innovation, and recycling of batteries for e-cars. In 2022, Umicore invested 316 million euros, or 7,6% of its revenues, in research and development. Umicore’s battery materials technologies, innovation roadmap, and […]

EU Commission pleads for 90% emission reduction by 2040

February 07, 2024

According to the plans presented on Tuesday, the European Commission wants to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union by 90% by 2040 compared to 1990 levels. “There’s no other way,” says Wopke Hoekstra, European Commissioner for Climate Action. “The longer the EU waits to take difficult measures, the harder and more expensive it […]

Ethiopia first country in the world to ban ICE cars?

February 05, 2024

In a decisive move to combat escalating fuel import costs and worsening air pollution in its cities, Ethiopia has announced a groundbreaking shift in its automotive policies. Transport Minister Alemu Sime calls for an immediate ban on buying fossil-fueled vehicles. What’s 2035 for Europe is today for Ethiopia. Minister Sime revealed that the nation spent […]

No tax increase on ICE company cars in Belgium

January 30, 2024

Belgium will not have a sharp increase in taxes on fossil company cars. After much wrangling, the federal government has agreed on the benefit in kind for diesel and gasoline company cars. The government reached a deal by linking other dossiers to that of company cars. Thus, the annual ceiling of the bicycle allowance will […]

IEA: ‘World’s renewable energy capacity increased by 50%’

January 12, 2024

According to a new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA), renewable energy production capacity has increased by 50% in the past year. The IEA says the increase is faster than ever in the last thirty years. Due to the rapid growth, there is a real chance that global capacity will triple by 2030. Last […]

Copernicus: ‘2023 hottest year ever, warming close to 1,5°C limit’

January 09, 2024

The Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), operated by the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts on behalf of the EU Commission, monitored several key climate indicators throughout the year 2023 and reported record conditions. Such as the warmest month on record and daily global temperature averages that briefly exceeded pre-industrial levels by more than 2°C. […]

CO2 emissions in Germany at their lowest in 70 years, except for cars

January 09, 2024

CO2 emissions from Germany, Europe’s leading industrial nation and the largest energy consumer in Europe, have reached their lowest level in around 70 years, thanks to a stronger-than-expected decline in the use of coal. Greenhouse gas emissions reached 673 million tons of CO2 last year, “the lowest level since the 1950s” and significantly down from […]

Volvo Cars reports new sales record in 2023 and gets EIB loan

January 08, 2024

Volvo Cars set a new global sales record as the company reported full-year sales of 708 716 cars during 2023, an increase of 15% compared to the entire year of 2022. Volvo Cars will also get a €420 million loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB) to develop a new electric car platform. Volvo Cars […]

With its basic network under fire, De Lijn asks for 370 million extra

January 04, 2024

From Saturday, Flemish public transport company De Lijn’s new basic accessibility network will be operational. But even before the new timetable – “the biggest transition ever” at De Lijn – goes into effect, criticism is louder and louder. More stops would be scrapped than planned, and the new Hoppin bus network would create greater transport […]

22% of UK car sales have to be zero emission in 2024

January 03, 2024

At least 22% of new cars sold by manufacturers in the UK this year must be zero-emission. New rules requiring car manufacturers to sell a minimum proportion of zero-emission vehicles have come into force, the Department for Transport (DfT) in the UK announced. The mandate became law on Wednesday. Zero emission means, in practice, that […]

US became world’s largest oil producing country in 2023

January 03, 2024

Under Joe Biden, the US has become the world’s largest oil producer and is producing more oil than any country ever has. According to data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA), US oil production has even increased by 21% over the past five years, and it settled in December a new annual production record with […]

Montpellier EU’s biggest city to make public transport free of charge

December 21, 2023

Since Thursday, public transport in the southern French city of Montpellier has been free of charge. In France, there are already around 40 cities where buses and trams are free for residents. Still, with more than 500 000 inhabitants, Montpellier is the largest European metropolis offering such a free service. “This is a measure that […]

Lufthansa orders 80 new aircraft for eight billion euros

December 20, 2023

Lufthansa has ordered 80 new short- and medium-haul aircraft with Boeing and Airbus. These include 40 Airbus A220-300 aircraft and 40 Boeing 737-8 Max. The German airline group is also taking an option on 120 additional aircraft. The group itself calls it the most extensive fleet modernization in its history. The aircraft will be delivered […]

North Sea Port and Port of Antwerp-Bruges connect pipeline networks

December 19, 2023

North Sea Port, the merger company behind the ports of Ghent, Terneuzen, and Vlissingen, is taking a minority stake (20%) in Pipelink, a subsidiary of Port of Antwerp-Bruges. This new partnership will develop and build local, national, and international pipeline projects – essential steps forward in the modal shift and energy transition. In 2026, the […]

Nissan’s Ariya EV first to drive from North to South Pole

December 18, 2023

The Nissan Ariya e-4orce has become the first-ever land vehicle to travel from the magnetic North Pole to the South Pole, taking 9+ months and around 30 000 km to complete the journey. Scottish couple Chris and Julia Ramsey from Plug in Adventures took on the challenge of improving infrastructure in remote regions and showcasing […]

Scientists warn: ‘CO2 has stronger impact on global warming than expected’

December 08, 2023

The temperature on Earth is rising more rapidly than previously thought due to increased carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air. Current levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have not been reached in 14 million years on Earth. This is what a group of scientists published on Thursday in the Science journal. The study results […]