Honda withdraws pioneering e from EU market

November 30, 2023

Orders for the Honda e have stalled in Europe. Due to slow sales and a strong customer preference for all-electric SUVs, the Japanese carmaker is readdressing its strategy for battery-powered mobility. In the lower categories, it is prioritizing zero-emission scooters and motorbikes. In 2020, Honda boldly entered the electric vehicle market with a small but […]

Honda’s electric suitcase on wheels ready to order in US

November 02, 2023

Back in 1983, there was no shortage of visionary ideas at Honda as the company marketed a tiny but unique two-wheeler called the Motocompo, which grew into a cult object. It was a foldable scooter that the owner could fit in the trunk of his car and use for urban runabouts long before the ‘last […]

Harley Davidson launches electric LiveWire S2 Del Mar in Europe

October 24, 2023

After presenting it over a year ago, Harley Davidson finally revealed the full specs of its LiveWire S2 Del Mar electric motorcycle. Smaller and nimbler than the LiveWire One, this S2 is even faster than expected, with a 0-100 km/hour of only 3,0 seconds. It’s powered by a 63 kW (84 hp) electric motor fed […]

Kawasaki Ninja 7: world’s first ‘strong hybrid’ motorcycle

October 24, 2023

Japan has had something with hybrid cars for over twenty years, with Toyota being the world’s most prominent technology advocate. So it’s pretty surprising it took the Japanese motorcycle industry so long to produce the world’s first hybrid motorcycle, the Kawasaki Ninja 7 Hybrid, which is to arrive in 2024. Kawasaki calls it a ‘strong […]