Nissan unveils sporty Ariya Nismo ‘on steroids’

Nissan has brought the new summit of the Ariya range to Tokyo Auto Salon. The Ariya Nismo builds on the e-4orce version and turns up its dual electric motors, while the Japanese manufacturer has used its experience in Formula E to elevate the driving experience. Two versions of the Nissan Ariya Nismo are inbound, with a Japanese market launch expected in the spring.

This isn’t the first time Nissan Motorsport, or Nismo for short, has turned up the wick of one of the Japanese manufacturer’s electric models. The Leaf got the same treatment previously, even turning the electric family hatchback into a two-motor race car. The Ariya Nismo doesn’t go as far but brings extra performance and visual appeal.

The Nissan Ariya Nismo gets a sporty body kit, up to 435 hp, and improved dynamics /Nissan

10% more power

The powertrain of the Nissan Ariya Nismo is based on the Ariya e-4orce, which has two motors (one per axle) and offers up to 290 kW (394 hp). The Nismo adds around 10% more power and delivers up to 320 kW (435 hp), accelerating from 0 to 100 km/hour in under five seconds.

Two versions of the Ariya Nismo will become available on the international market: the Ariya Nismo B6, with a 66 kWh battery pack (63 kWh usable) and 270 kW (367 hp), and the Ariya Nismo B9, with a 91 kWh battery (87 kWh usable) and the entire 320 kW (435 hp). No range figures are known yet. Nissan also claims improved driving dynamics thanks to a new Nismo driving mode and a new suspension tune.

On the inside, the Nissan Ariya Nismo goes for a sporty atmosphere with dark tones, microfiber on the dash and seats, and a red accent throughout /Nissan

Black and red

However, both versions will get the same visual treatment with a whole body, including a front splitter, side skirts, and a rear diffusor, complete with a red accent stripe. Nissan claims to have used its racing experience in Formula E and other categories to reduce drag and improve downforce at high speeds.

On the inside, owners get new sports seats and a dark interior with microfiber on the dash and door panels. Here, too, red accents provide a contrasting element and enhance the sporty atmosphere. The Nissan Ariya Nismo is set to launch in Japan in the spring of 202; there is no word yet on an international launch or whether both versions will make it to Europe.


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