AutoTechnica Brussels: ready to welcome 32,000 mobility professionals

On Sunday, March 24th, AutoTechnica – the leading trade fair for automotive professionals in the Benelux – opens its doors on the Brussels Heizel. State Secretary for Budget and Consumer Affairs Alexia Bertrand (Open Vld/MR) will officially inaugurate the event on Sunday morning. Following the fair’s opening, she will present the European ambitions of Car-Pass, the Belgian digital car passport.

Mobility Federation Traxio expects 32,000 professional visitors who will delve into the products and services of almost 2,000 brands offered by a wide representation of participants from the Benelux and beyond. The 30,000 square meters of exhibition space will be occupied by 250 exhibitors from 450 structures.

‘Mobility Talks’

Didier Perwez, President of TRAXIO: “The sector faces enormous challenges due to the rapid evolution of the vehicle fleet, such as electrification and countless technological highlights in a modern car. The sustainability of vehicles and companies also creates additional pressure. A well-informed professional is always one step ahead of his competitors, and that is exactly what we want to offer visitors to AutoTechnica.”

In addition to the wide range of products and services offered, visitors can also attend a series of short but interesting ‘Mobility Talks’ that are practical guidelines for modern mobility entrepreneurs.

Fourteen themes will be discussed during short but powerful 20-minute sessions. Among them are Car Pass, dealer profitability, the evolution of the second-hand market, the import of Chinese vehicles, inspections, and sustainability.

Economic pillar

The automotive sector (cars, commercial vehicles, bicycles, maintenance, repairs, and related items) is a fundamental economic pillar in Belgium. In 2022, turnover amounted to 150 billion euros, and investments rose to 1.45 billion euros.

The 7,949 employers involved (and their 77,491 employees) manage the Belgian vehicle fleet’s sales, maintenance, repairs, and recycling. In other words, they actively ensure the technical safety of vehicles on our roads – from bicycles to the heaviest trucks.

They also proactively contribute to protecting the environment, not only by collecting and recycling waste from the workshop but also because well-maintained vehicles ensure minimal emissions.


Surveys of the mobility sector show that entrepreneurs see three significant challenges. 1) Most plead for better compatibility between education and the labor market. 2) Young people must be more encouraged to choose Science – Technology – Engineering – Mathematics, the so-called ‘STEM’ courses. 3) Most entrepreneurs (70%) expect the need for flexibility to increase. The social-legal framework must be further adapted to these increasing needs.

All mobility professionals are welcome at AutoTechnica: registration is free after prior registration at


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